Will Casinos Return to Business as Usual in 2021?

Futurology is often a tricky business. With all of us hoping for a glimpse of normality forming over the horizon, this is still a great time to place relevant questions.

For those that found themselves locked outside of casinos for the vast majority of 2020, the early weeks of 2021 don’t seem to be bringing much reason for joy. But what can we expect, as players, from the return of casinos over this year?

Kate Richards (more about the author here) shares her thoughts on what 2021 may bring for the casino business.


Slowly, Steady

We’re all in this together. The words resonate around a mission that seems clear. Most of us have learned hard lessons in 2020 in situations, many of which we would prefer to avoid in 2021.

What last year brought affected everything and everyone. The simple habit of going out, getting a drink, or play UK casino game without ever thinking twice about it now seems more precious than ever. With every action demanding careful planning, and the observation of a set of rules that weren’t there before, with an effect on general psychological and physical wellbeing.

In these early weeks of 2021, it’s impossible to find a casino with its doors open. A group of people sitting by the bar, while others laugh loud, as the roulette hits black yet again. Technology has granted us the blessing of connecting with relatives and bringing entertainment closer to us, but the physical experiences and interactions are still due to be resumed.


The Online Game Saves the Day


The online gambling market in 2021 seems to be one of the biggest winners of the season in the UK. We now spend more time than ever before indoors, meaning that those businesses that offer quality online experiences found plenty of room to grow.

With revenue looking to double in upcoming years, it’s easy to find a paradigm shift. Whether that means land-based casinos will have a hard time recovering, is yet to be seen, but a possible resume may likely see players eager for a real experience.

Investments are shifting towards creating more and more content for online players. Whether by providing better and larger online casinos or through the creation of more immersive trends in gambling over increasingly appealing casino games.


Business as Usual?

It’s very hard to say whether most things in the world will be “as usual” ever again. Working from home seems to be here for the long run, bringing along a revolution in the way most people conceptualize work and lifestyle. 

Without the need to move often, proximity services in the UK get the chance to thrive, while many are starting to look for a place to live that is further away from the city centre. This comes as an excellent opportunity for smaller villages, and a return to a more balanced way of life.

There is plenty at stake when the gambling industry growth is under such expectation. It seems plausible that online gambling will keep growing and find its golden age.

When it comes to land-based casinos in the UK, it’s only a matter of time until its rooms are again filled with joy. Whether the online growth will attract more people to gambling and whether those will later be tempted to visit a land-based casino remains to be seen.


The Silver Lining

For those that are into the strong emotions associated with a little gambling experience, the second half of 2021 may turn out to be exciting. There is a plausible chance to sit at a real casino room in the UK, along with plenty of room for exciting new online platforms. Whether it will be a first time or a long-due return, the next real spin on a slot machine or set of cards will be particularly memorable.

For casinos, this period allows the opportunity to prepare for again welcoming their players – new and old – with open arms. If everything goes according to even the most conservative expectations, we won’t be long from a spin of the roulette, another hit at blackjack, or the sweet music coming out of a slot machine and its jackpot!

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