Welsh Government: EU funds continue to provide benefits for businesses, communities and the people of Wales

EU funds are continuing to provide benefits for businesses, communities and the people of Wales, with latest figures (end of August) showing that EU projects supported by the current programmes have created over 22,820 jobs and some 4,300 new businesses. In addition, some 14,570 businesses have been supported, 29,860 people have been helped into work, and over 126,660 qualifications have been achieved.

These funds were allocated to projects before the UK’s exit from the EU.

To see the full statistics for the 2014-2020 programmes, residents can visit the  Progress of EU funds web page.

EU funds Infographic

The latest published labour market figures also show the Welsh economy is continuing to rebound from the impacts of coronavirus with the Pricipality’s employment rate increasing and also the unemployment rate in Wales remaining below that of the rest of the UK.  A spokesman said:

“Retaining and developing talent here in Wales is vital for our future economic growth and greater prosperity therefore we have invested over £850m EU funds into skills and employability projects in the current programmes. Our online campaign aimed to highlight the impressive performance of these schemes at both a national and regional level, which have helped Wales to lay foundations for long term economic recovery.

“Residents can follow our twitter channel for more details – please note these schemes are still available for people to access.”


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