GS Verde Group attain Carbon Neutral Status and commit to achieving UN Gold Standard

Multidiscipline M&A advisors GS Verde Group have announced the certification of the business’ carbon-neutral status, with a comprehensive plan to achieve the UN Gold Standard certification.


The lifelong pledge will see the business implement sustainable commuting initiatives and an environmental sustainability subcommittee formed of nominated Green Champions. The GS Verde team will also work with the Welsh Wildlife Trust on projects designed to protect and rebuild the region’s biodiversity.


GS Verde Group Co-founder and COO, Rhian Osborne said: “Becoming a carbon neutral company is a crucial step for future planning and contributing to the tackling of the climate crisis. At GS Verde, we are proud to not only make significant changes within our own operations, but also collaborate and encourage change on a wider scale amongst those we work with.”


GS Verde has previously taken measures to improve its energy efficiency and environmental impact, ensuring its city centre offices are easily accessed via public transport.


The now paperless business has also worked to reduce automobile use, to improve air quality and traffic congestion. In support of this, staff are offered flexible working hours to avoid the morning and afternoon rush hour.


More widely, the UK is halfway to meeting its target of “net-zero” emissions by 2050 and while 2020 marked a milestone 11% reduction of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, the levels are expected to rebound as Covid-19 restrictions ease.


Ms Osborne concluded: “Reducing carbon emissions requires focus, long term commitment and innovation. As a pioneering fast-growth organisation, GS Verde has a responsibility to demonstrate real change to contribute to this effort.”