Those visiting Denbighshire’s beauty spots are asked to respect the countryside and plan ahead.

Denbighshire County Council and the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB are asking people to plan ahead and to respect others and the countryside by maintaining social distance and by keeping their dogs on leads.

Huw Rees, the Council’s Countryside and Heritage Services Manager, said: “We would like to thank the majority of those accessing our countryside sites and beauty spots for visiting responsibly.

“It is important visitors are aware of what restrictions and guidelines are in place and to keep themselves and others safe they should avoid busy times. People should check ahead to see if facilities are open and where possible access quieter sites and walks as this will help avoid busy periods and parking issues.

“It is also vital visitors respect the countryside and act responsibly, this means not littering, parking sensibly and only to ride bikes on routes where cycling is permitted.

“We are reminding all dog owners, including those who have a dog for the first time, to be responsible with their pets and to keep them on leads when walking through the countryside with livestock, particularly during lambing season.

“Livestock worrying, where dogs disturb and chase sheep, is illegal.  Dogs caught worrying livestock can be destroyed and owners can be prosecuted, this is a distressing outcome we want to prevent.”

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