Brushbox introduces new toothpaste tabs to its product range

Cardiff-based sustainable oral care start-up Brushbox has announced a new range of toothpaste tabs, as it attempts to tackle the unsustainability of existing toothpaste tubes in the market. The subscription service, which delivers bamboo toothbrushes door-to-door that are sustainable and fully biodegradable, was listed last year in the NatWest Top 100 List of companies to watch and continues to forge ahead with its goal to become the world’s leading subscription company for eco-friendly, cruelty-free oral care.

An exciting future lies ahead for Brushbox

The business secured an impressive £770,000 investment during its most recent funding round last year, smashing its £500,000 target by attracting finance from almost 300 separate investors. Some of their financial backers include ex-Wales and British Lions rugby captain Martyn Williams, as well as several experienced figures within the dental industry. Marketing Week magazine has also touted Brushbox as the UK’s second fastest-rising direct to consumer brand.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Brushbox could grow to become publicly listed in the not-too-distant future. Even when innovative companies are listed on the stock market, that doesn’t mean people can no longer share in their continued growth. For instance, CFD trading enables individuals to trade publicly listed companies they are interested in without having to physically own the underlying asset. Instead, they simply profit from the rise or fall of a company’s share price.

The owner of Brushbox, Mike Donovan, a former Deloitte adviser, certainly seems to have his finger firmly on the pulse of the oral care sector. Following market research, the company discovered that most conventional toothpaste tubes comprise of multiple grades of plastic, making them impossible to recycle in the conventional way. Unfortunately, this leads to the majority of toothpaste tubes being sent to landfill, with approximately 1.5 billion tubes disposed of annually.

Brushbox owner calls out the oral care industry for “damaging” toothpaste tubes

Image: Piqsels

Mr Donovan criticised the major brands for “sticking their head in the sand” regarding the use of toothpaste tube materials that are “damaging to our environment”. Brushbox has since unveiled its new zero-waste toothpaste tabs that have been designed in collaboration with dentists. These tabs are made from 100% natural ingredients and are delivered in plastic-free compostable packaging as part of the subscription service. This means that all aspects of Brushbox’s oral care can be freely disposed within your organic waste bins.

Donovan says that their latest product range will empower families to ‘Save the Planet, Twice a Day’ “without ever having to leave their home”. The tabs are a marked improvement on conventional toothpaste, which the company says consists of at least 50% water, along with a string of stabilisers and preservatives to maintain the product’s shelf-life. Instead, Brushbox’s new vegan toothpaste tabs are waterless and contain zero artificial additives. Consumers simply chew on the tab and then begin brushing with a wet toothbrush to get the safest possible clean.

New Brushbox customers can receive up to 10% discounts on their first subscription. Their contract-free subscription service does not tie in customers to long-term arrangements, giving them the flexibility to edit, pause and cancel their subscriptions at any time.

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