Henry Howard Finance enters new decade as Propel

Mark Catton, CEO at Propel

Henry Howard Finance Group has announced a change of name to Propel in support of the company’s strategic positioning as SME funder of choice and the name behind hundreds of UK equipment suppliers.

‘’Our Propel Promise, being small enough to care and deliver a brilliant personal service to our customers, and big enough to have the expertise and technology to be a leader in SME finance, is a commitment to all our existing and future customers.

“The change to Propel came from the team who wanted a bold, contemporary and distinctive brand reflective of the company today and our aspirations for the future’’, says Anne Williams, Chief Operating Officer.

Propel heralds several important developments for the business. It will be opening new offices in Manchester to help support its growth and is developing several new supplier programmes to help SMEs access the finance they need to invest and grow their own businesses.

It will also be launching new versions of its market leading technology in 2020, including a seamless technology suite designed to accelerate the online acceptance process and enhance customer experience.

Mark Catton, Chief Executive Officer of Propel Finance Plc says: “Our new name ‘Propel’ embodies our passion for the business and our ambitions for our customers in one simple name. Propel means to drive forward. It is a powerful word that sums up what we strive to achieve for the SMEs and vendors that we support across the UK, and our own business.”

“Our aim is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in finance for our customers’ benefit. Our new brand and technology are essential elements of our strategic platform for future growth and expansion.”

To find out more about Propel please call 01633 415222 or visit www.propelfinance.co.uk.