27% of Wales’ office workers will not have a Christmas party this year

A new survey of office workers reveals how their companies will be celebrating Christmas this year.

In the run-up to Christmas, offices across Wales would usually be buzzing with festive cheer and celebrations. But this year, alcohol bans and early closures across Wales’ pubs and restaurants have meant for many, the highly-anticipated office Christmas party will be no more.

The research carried out by Moneypenny, the outsourced communication provider, revealed that 20% of Welsh office workers say their company is in fact, planning a virtual Christmas party in exchange for a traditional “Christmas Do”.

On the other hand, 27% say they do not think a Christmas party is being planned for them.

“Secret Santa”, a common office tradition, is also looking different this year. Overall, 13% of Welsh office workers stated they are participating in “long-distance” Secret Santa with their colleagues.

Furthermore, 33% of workers in Newport said their companies were not arranging any form of Christmas office festivities such as “Long-distance Secret Santa” or a “Virtual” party.

Those located in Wrexham however, appeared to be the least excited about the alternative office festivities this year. With 13% stating that they were not looking forward to attending the “virtual” Christmas party or participating in “long distance Secret Santa”.

Overall, 9%  said that their employers are still going ahead with their usual Christmas party plans despite the restrictions. The majority (17%) of those going ahead with a traditional Christmas party were workers situated in Newport.

A further 13% of Welsh office workers say that discussions of the Christmas party have not yet taken place, but however, remain hopeful of a plan.

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