Before we start this discussion, there is one thing that we absolutely have to make clear: the vast majority of online casinos are completely fair. Only a very small minority try to scam their players, and these sites are generally exposed exceptionally quickly. Any of the big names in the casino world are completely safe to join.

That being said, the online casino industry can’t be left to self-police – that would be too tempting for some sites. So, instead, there are a few external organisations involved in testing games and making sure the online casino world is a fair one. You can find out how games are tested below.


What is a Fair Online Casino Game?

Before looking at whether casino games are fair, we need to understand what a fair casino game is. Regardless of what some people think, a fair game is not one that gives the player an equal chance of winning as the casino. Nearly all casino games are weighted towards the casino – if they weren’t, casinos wouldn’t make money.

Instead, a fair casino game is one that gives everyone the same chances of winning, if all abilities are equal. So, a slot must give every spin the same chance of hitting the jackpot, and every spin of a roulette wheel should give the same chances of hitting a specific number.


How Are Games Tested for Fairness?

The main way in which games are tested for fairness is by an external auditing company. These are companies concerned with analysing the overall fairness of a casino game, and all major software providers have their games independently tested, to ensure they’re fair.

Games are tested by simulating millions, if not billions, of turns. They will then be able to give a fair assessment of what the return-to-player of a game is, and whether this corresponds to the figure declared by the software provider. All major software providers, including Microgaming and NetEnt, have had all their games tested and approved by an external organisation.

Fairness at an online casino is also maintained by the regulatory body. In the case of casinos offering their games in the UK, this is the Gambling Commission. It’s a legal requirement for any casino targeting UK players to be regulated by this government agency.

The regulatory body oversees everything a casino does, including whether the games are fair to players. If the Gambling Commission were ever concerned about a site not offering fair games, they would suspend its licence immediately and it wouldn’t be able to accept players from the UK. So, if you see that a site is regulated by the Gambling Commission, you can be completely sure that it’s fair.


What to Do if You Suspect You’ve Been Treated Unfairly

If you’re a UK player and you suspect you’ve been treated unfairly, you need to first bring up your problem with the casino in question. If they fail to act appropriately, you must then contact the Gambling Commission. They can then make an unbiased decision over whether you’ve been treated fairly or not by the online casino.