As humans, unfortunately, death is a large part of life and dealing with the grief from those close to us passing away can be very difficult. Losing someone is one of the most challenging experiences that we can face in life, whether it is a parent, partner, a child or even a pet.

The void created by this loss can feel immense and life-changing in intensity, and many feel like they will never get over it. People process their grief in various ways, and it is natural to want to keep their memory alive through keepsakes and acts of remembrance.

Because we live in the modern era with smartphones, which have cameras and video, it is easier than ever to make some memories that you can keep. We have taken a look at some of the ways that people commemorate their loved ones.

Visiting Their Grave

Many people choose to visit the grave of their loved ones at a particular time of the year. This may be their birthday, Christmas or the anniversary of their passing. People generally spend some time at the grave site, telling their loved ones about what has happened since the last time they visited. It can often bring comfort to those who are left behind, and this can help them accept the loss and begin to live again.

Creating a Keepsake from their Ashes

An idea that has grown in popularity in recent years is making jewellery from their cremation ashes. Ashes with Art is one online store that provides such a service. There is a wide variety of different items that the ashes can be made into. Some of the items the ashes can be made into include rings, necklaces, pendants, comfort pebbles and unique glass art memorials.

These unusual keepsake pieces can help to keep a feeling of closeness with the departed, even when they have been gone a long time. Some people pass them down as family heirlooms so that future generations can carry them for good luck in their lives.

Keep Talking About Them

Some people believe nobody is truly dead while the living remember them, which is comforting. For this reason, many people will talk about those they have lost regularly to feel that they are still a part of their lives, even though they are dead. Sharing memories and funny stories from their lives can be a source of joy amongst the tears and can help to lessen the pain somewhat – though it’s important to remember this is not a quick process.

Planting a Tree in their Memory

Another popular way of commemorating a loved one is to plant a tree in their memory. This helps the environment, and trees can last a long time, so the tribute is unlikely to disappear any time soon. Knowing where the tree is and being able to go and visit it can foster a feeling of closeness despite the fact that they have passed.

Making a donation to a charity

For some people, making a donation to a charity with special meaning can bring comfort.  From placing a bench in a special place to improve a place of natural beauty, to helping a charity with lifesaving work, there are many ways to pay tribute to your loved one.


Remembering those who have passed away is an essential part of how we deal with grief. Every human being ever born will die, but we somehow never expect that it will be those close to us. We, therefore, have to understand that this is something that will eventually happen to everyone we know. Accepting this shared fate can help us to make sense of it and put it into context in our lives.

We all deal with grief in different ways, and having a memento that is made from their cremation ashes can feel like a very personal and meaningful gift for those who don’t have a grave to visit.

Remembering them in other ways is also valid and meaningful and can help us to make our way through the fog of grief.


Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels