If you like to keep a close eye on your energy use, a smart meter could help

Smart meters and the in-home display tell you how much energy you’re using. That can help you decide when to turn the heating up, or turn the TV off stand-by.

Many people are getting smart meters installed with more than 30 million already in homes across Great Britain – how are people benefiting from them?

  • 80% say they have a better idea of what they’re spending on energy
  • 68% say they’re more conscious about energy use
  • 49% say it’s helping them save money
  • 47% say they’re less worried about their bills

Smart meters record how much electricity or gas you use – just like your existing meters.

But with a smart meter, your gas and electricity readings are sent directly and securely to your energy supplier. This means no more digging around in a cupboard or getting on a ladder to read the meter.

Steve Cadwallader-Jones, Home Energy Officer at Age Cymru Powys, explains the benefits of smart meters:

“Smart meters can help you save energy, but it’s not automatic. Many people find the in-home display useful. It gives you more information about your energy use. This can help you work out how to save energy and money around the home.

“Did you know that accessible in-home displays are available from some suppliers? These could be helpful if you are:

  • blind or partially sighted
  • have difficulties using your hands or wrists, or
  • have difficulties with memory loss

“They have larger buttons and can read information out loud. Ask your energy supplier about an accessible in-home display.

“Smart meters aren’t connected to the internet. The in-home display isn’t connected to the internet, either. So you don’t need to have internet access to get one.

“Call the Age Cymru Powys Information & Advice team to find out more.”*

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