Having an online presence is fast becoming a viable career for thousands of people around the globe. From gaming influencers to beauty gurus, child stars to business moguls – every niche has a star. And if you’re looking to venture into a new career or you already have a solid following and are looking to grow your followers, we’ve got the tips you need to become a successful streamer in 2022.

Pick your platform

Choosing the right platform could be the difference between success and failure. Launching in 2011 and subsequently bought by Amazon in 2014, Twitch might be the newest kid on the block, but viewers have climbed to over 2 million in 2021, and the platform has made an estimated $2.3billion in 2020. However, if you’re starting out, Twitch can be a difficult nut to crack, with many of the biggest streamers using Twitch. As a result of this, the platform tends to promote its largest channels over smaller streamers.

Of course, YouTube is still relevant for streamers. As the largest video platform on the internet, it’s a great place to be – although the ability to make large sums of money is extremely hard (and rare).

Choose your content

Once you’ve decided where you want to stream, you’ll want to choose your niche. From comedy/skit to beauty vlogging, gaming to tech, choose what you’re passionate about instead of looking at what’s trending. People respond better to authentic voices, which might be why Zee Kids, the wholesome children’s entertainment channel is the most viewed YouTube channel in the world with over 3.34 billion views.

Get the right equipment

If you’re serious about becoming a successful streamer in 2022, you’ll want to invest in the best quality equipment that fits your current budget. You’ll want a good-quality microphone, PC, and camera to get started. A good setup with an attractive background that doesn’t distract the viewer is also important. You want to create an eye-catching and engaging set that sets the tone for your brand.

Protect yourself online

As your audience grows, the threat potential also increases. You’ll want to protect your data from malicious intents by installing privacy software like a VPN (https://nordvpn.com/download/), as well as anti-virus software to keep hackers at bay.

Many streamers use VPNs to protect their privacy online and protect themselves from SWATing. SWATing is when someone makes a prank call to the police with malicious intent to cause individual harm. Livestreamers are a common target for this practice as it allows the person calling the police to see the results of their call immediately and live.

Put yourself out there

Ultimately, if you want to be successful, you need to put yourself out there.

So, what are you waiting for?