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How to Choose a Lipstick Shade Based on Your Skin Undertones

If you’re looking for some new makeup for your cosmetics bag, lipstick is a popular choice. With hundreds of lipstick options out there in lots of different shades and finishes, however, finding one that works well for you isn’t always easy. While most people will suit a lot of different lipstick shades, understanding what’s going to match best with your skin’s undertone can help you pick the best option.

Cool Undertones

If you have a cool pink or blue undertone, then a lipstick that also has cool undertones will suit you well. A bright red with more blue than orange, berry shades, or plum shades tend to look amazing on people with this skin tone.

Warm Undertones

If you are looking at Stila liquid lipstick and have a warm skin undertone, then warm shades of lipstick will be ideal for you. People with warm undertones tend to look best with lipstick shades such as brick red, orange red, and terracotta.

Neutral Undertones

If your skin has neutral undertones, then you are in luck because this skin tone will work with a huge range of shades. If you have neutral undertones or are not sure what your skin undertones are, then go with your skin tone – pink shades look great on fairer skin, mauve works well for medium skin, and deeper, berry shades look great on dark skin.

How to Determine Your Undertones

The skin’s undertone refers to the natural colour underneath the skin’s surface. People who have the same skin tone might have different undertones. Unlike the skin tone, which can change due to different factors such as sun exposure, your undertones will always stay the same. There are several things that you can do to figure out your undertones. These include:

Jewellery Test

Whether you tend to look better when wearing either gold or silver can be a good indicator of what your undertones might be, although this can be quite subjective. In general, warmer undertones tend to look better in gold, while cool undertones and silver jewellery go better together.

Use White Paper

See what your skin looks like against true while to check your undertones. Place a mirror in an area that has good natural lighting and hold a sheet of white paper against your face. If you have warm undertones, your skin will look more yellow compared to the paper. On the other hand, skin with cooler undertones is more likely to look pinker in comparison.

Check Your Tan

When you tan in the summer, the way that your skin tone changes colour is a good way to figure out your undertones. If you have a cool undertone, then your skin is likely to burn very easily, and your tan is more likely to be a reddish shade. But for people with warmer undertones, a tan is more likely to look brown or golden.

Once you’ve got a better idea of your undertones, you can use this information to choose the lipstick shade that looks like it was made for you.

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