How to expand your home’s interior to house additional party guests

When you live in a beautiful location such as Wales, it is a shame to keep all of your guests couped up indoors. With most modern housing, it can become very overcrowded very quickly, even with just a few extra people present.

This is where a most brilliant addition of a marquee could help with your entertaining plans, with options to suit all sizes of home. In order to provide that home-from-home feeling, you can take extra care when dressing it and therefore make it an extension of your home for however long it is that it is required.

Using furniture or items out of your home can be a great way to make your marquee look unique for your special occasion, or if you are struggling to furnish it all, opt to purchase items from the second-hand market, which can then be resold after the event.

#1 Buffet-style catering

Offering your guests buffet-style catering will stop them from traipsing backwards and forwards looking for food and drinks in your house. It will also provide a point of interest in the marquee itself. You can take special care in dressing this table to make it look aesthetically pleasing and rustic if that is the look you are going for. If you are not up to preparing all the food yourself, there are catering firms that will happily supply buffet food, especially for your event.

#2 Tables and chairs

Even if you are just putting on a disco rather than a sit-down meal, you should still provide your guests with chairs to sit on and tables where they can rest their drinks (or plates of nibbles) while they are dancing or talking amongst themselves. Again it is up to you whether you choose to provide comfy chairs or whether you opt for dining chairs. If you are looking to invite elderly people to your celebrations, you should as least provide them with somewhere comfortable to sit, while younger generations are more than likely going to be moving between sitting, standing, and dancing.

#3 Keeping guests warm

As night draws in, so does the chill. Some people feel the cold more than others, so supplying these individuals with areas where they can stay warm is a must. Although you could provide your guests with comfy blankets for them to sit on or wrap themselves in, there is also the option of specialist heating hire for marquees. Having these portable heaters dotted around the marquee will help to keep the temperature warm and comfortable for all guests, and those that require a little more can then opt to use blankets as well.

#4 Add plenty of decorations

The best bit about using a marquee in the garden is being able to pull aspects of both the home and the garden into one luxurious space. Tables dressed with flowers, greenery, fine crockery, and flameless tealights in small storm lanterns, while having outside planting draped with fairy lights or more small storm lanterns will have your party twinkling and looking like a fairytale setting, providing all of those concerned with the perfect memory of the party you have hosted.