Decorating around TV and media stands can be tricky sometimes. It is much more than just placing your TV above or on the TV stands. Therefore you need to come up with creative solutions for your TV décor and replacement. Like you can elevate your entertainment space by adding TV stands décor that fits with the room’s flow and aesthetic. However, you and your guests often use this communal space. Thus it would be best to inject some personality and design into this area. Some of the steps to décor your TV stand are:

  • Blank Slate: If you start with a blank slate, it will give you a fresh perspective. It would be better to use white curtains for an empty canvas if your TV stand is placed in front of the window. Moreover, you can try many couples of options according to your liking.
  • Accessories of the same colour: To keep styling easy, it would be a good option to choose accessories in the same colour family. Like you can choose one side of the media to stand for a grouping of a plant and two candles. While on the other side of the media stand, you can place a tall vase with stems. There are many brands like Furniture in Fashion available in the market that provide all sorts of decorative accessories. So you can get any type of decorative accessories in every colour according to your liking without any struggle and wasting time.
  • Keep accessories in 3 or 5 groups: You can use books, a tray, and a basket to add visual height or to coral them.

Additionally, you can also follow the below tips as well which can help you a lot in making your TV stands more attractive.

  • Look for smaller tables, dressers, and accent furniture to use small TV stands in a small place.
  • Place the TV at an angle or in the corner in a tight place.
  • To help blend in a TV, you can use a black cabinet
  • Create a gallery wall around the TV stand after placing the TV off-centre.
  • Decorate the areas around the TV and its stands with beautiful accessories and plants.
  • You can also mount your TV on the wall using stands.

Moreover, you can take a further look at some of the decorating ideas which can help you create your stylish console below:

Match décor with your TV stands

Making TV stand décor coordinate with the console itself is the most significant way to create cohesion in your living room. Try to find accent pieces of hardware that highlight the colour and match your stand. Your shopping becomes easier when you already have a set colour scheme. Moreover, you can choose black, white, copper, and silver accomplished hardware as well.

Add side shelves or bookcases

The persons who have a lot of free space around their TV can add side bookcases or shelves to make the room and TV stand more attractive. It will match the room’s décor and aesthetic. You can not only place books on these shelves. But also sculptures, picture frames, and many more to make your shelves eye catchy.

Keep it Neutral and Clean

Keeping your TV stand ideas on the neutral side will maintain a fresh and clean living room space. It would be better to choose a neutral-coloured TV stand like beige, white, black, or grey. Moreover, you can also pair it with a few pieces of décor featuring muted, soft colours with the same tones, shapes, and heights. And give each accessory space to stand on its own.