How to Make Your Gift More Personal (and Why it Matters)

It happens multiple times throughout the year: suddenly, you remember that it’s your sister’s, mother’s, or other half’s birthday. Or, Christmas is suddenly nearer than you expected, and you need to get gifts that your loved ones will truly appreciate. How do you ensure that, though? By getting a meaningful, personal gift.

What is a Personal Gift?

A personal gift is not something you quickly pick from a nearby store without a second thought. It’s not the kind of gift you could purchase for just anyone. Instead, it’s something intentionally given to the recipient. Not only does it represent something that they know and love, but it also shows how much you know and appreciate them.

Why do Personal Gifts Matter?

Think about all the times you have ever received a gift. The chances are, you don’t really remember that box of chocolates that came from a supermarket or the time you received the exact same present as your siblings. However, you likely remember any time you received a more personal gift. For example, you may have received a special notebook with a handwritten message. Or, you might still have that photo album that your best friend gave you fifteen years ago.

Personal gifts matter because they are memorable. They make you feel loved, seen, and appreciated. They’re the kind of gifts you won’t throw out with your next declutter, instead holding onto them for a lifetime.

Ideas for a More Personalised Gift

Do you want to become known as the world’s best gift giver? Here are some ideas for making your gifts more personal.

Tie it to Their Home Country

Many people feel strongly about their home country, owning it as part of their identity. That’s especially true for Wales. The people of Wales are friendly and proud; they love their history and will happily enjoy their culture all year round. If you have a Welsh relative or loved one, show them how much they mean to you by getting them a Welsh-themed gift. Welsh Gifts with Heart have an excellent selection, ranging from Welsh tapestry blankets to sheep ornaments! You know your Welsh loved one better than anyone, so choose something you know they’ll appreciate.

Buy a Hobby-related Gift

Has your loved one just got into tennis? Perhaps you know that your friend loves attending board game nights. When you know a person’s favourite hobby, you can have a much easier time buying them a personal gift. The tennis player will surely appreciate a brand-new racket or tennis outfit! If you have someone in your life who loves writing stories, a high-quality notebook and pen will help their ideas flow.

Make a Homemade Scrapbook

For a truly special person in your life, why not make them a homemade scrapbook? This will take time and effort, but the result will be a gift that they will treasure for a lifetime. You have a lot of options when it comes to filling up the scrapbook. As well as photographs, you could also fill the pages with old notes and memorabilia, such as concert tickets from the show you both attended together!

A Framed Photograph

Sometimes, a personal gift doesn’t have to be hard work. Giving someone a framed photograph doesn’t require much effort on your part. In fact, many online places will quickly and easily print your photographs out for a small price! From there, all you have to do is find a good frame. While the effort is minimal, the result can be beautiful, especially if you choose a photograph that the recipient really loves.

Tickets to a Show

Some of the best gifts aren’t material items at all. Instead, they are experiences. If you know your recipient well, you will know the kind of music, comedy, and entertainment they like. You might know they love watching Shakespeare adaptations in the theatre. Or, you may have learned over the years of their absolute love for folk music. With this information, you can buy tickets to a show they will enjoy. Don’t forget to buy two so you can either attend the show with them or give them the option of taking someone else!

A Gift Basket

On the surface, a gift basket may seem a little impersonal. It’s true – there are types of gift baskets that generally please everyone. They aren’t bad gifts per se, but they aren’t the kind of gift that will make someone remember your gift-giving skills forever.

However, you can easily turn a gift basket into a personal present by packing it yourself. Fill the gift basket with everything you know the recipient loves, whether that’s well-aged cheese, fine wine, shortbread, butterfly hair clips, or small animal ornaments! With a homemade gift basket, you can get as personal as you like with multiple smaller items.

Choose a Personalised Gift

Most gifts are not 100% unique. However, there are some gifts that are completely one of a kind, and they usually come in the form of personalised gifts. You can find many types of personalised gifts all over the web, from personalised art prints to personalised t-shirts. With these gifts, you get the chance to write or print something entirely personal, which your recipient will surely love.

Make Something Homemade

Receiving a homemade gift is exceptionally special. It shows that the person didn’t just run to the nearest shop and pick out the first thing they thought you might like – instead, it shows that they spent their time and energy creating something personal. Consider making something homemade for the person in your life who really deserves it. Of course, don’t forget to consider who the person is to ensure it’s more meaningful. For example, if a loved one always raves about your home baked brownies, go ahead and make them a batch!

Make an Impression with a Personal Gift

Personal gifts always make a great impression. By knowing the recipient well and basing the gift around the knowledge you have of them, you can give a present that they will truly cherish. It feels good to make the people you love happy!