2022 could see some significant changes in online gambling, as the sector continues to evolve to meet its growing demand. It is estimated that the revenue from the online gambling industry in 2022 could be as high as $1 trillion, a remarkable figure however it is reached. Online gambling in the UK continues to be incredibly popular. Its growth is mostly attributable to the fact that brick and mortar bookmakers are closing at an alarming rate. The Guardian predicts that approximately one-quarter of high street bookies could close in the near future.

So with online gambling set to continue its growth and popularity, let’s examine some of the changes we can expect in 2022.


More mobile gaming. 

While online gambling is soaring in popularity, so too are gambling apps. In the present day, people are frequently on their phones, tablets, and various other mobile devices, so the need for online casinos in Ireland and Wales to provide a user-friendly mobile app for gamblers is paramount. What’s more, the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic in our lives has boosted the number of mobile app downloads, as people are unable to leave their homes to gamble and are turning to other ways to get their fix. Interestingly, it’s thought that the mobile gambling industry will have a 59% share of the gaming market by the end of 2022, meaning that one in two mobile gamers will be gambling online.


Further advances in virtual reality gaming. 

Once a utopian dream for the future, virtual reality is becoming the here and now, particularly when it comes to the online gambling industry. Virtual reality technology has allowed gamblers to experience casino games as if they were actually at the venue. Online casinos have recognised the incredible experience that virtual reality offers their customers, and they are seeking to develop their platforms with virtual reality at the centre. According to researchers, it is estimated that by 2022, approximately $250 billion will be generated from virtual reality gaming alone.


Increased popularity of cryptocurrency-friendly online casinos. 

Many online gamblers are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of gambling online using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies improve the speed of transactions, offer greater privacy and effective anonymity, as well as enhanced transparency. There are now dozens of online casinos that have been built to focus on transacting exclusively or predominantly with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and these are likely to increase in popularity in 2022. In the longer term, cryptocurrencies may well provide the long-term solution to online fraud and data theft, and we’re likely to see more and more online gambling sites utilising cryptocurrencies for their transactions.


Continued popularity of online sports betting. 

Sports betting is a huge part of the online gambling industry. Presently, you can bet on almost any sport globally, and online bookmakers are offering such a vast array of markets that it’s hard to keep up with all of the innovations. What’s more, with sites such as Smarkets and Betfair, gamblers are now able to take on the role traditionally played by bookmakers and can take and lay bets from other gamblers. Also, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are turning to sports betting as a way of keeping themselves entertained at home. While many sections of society have been virtually shut down because of the pandemic, elite sports have continued throughout, and people can enjoy watching games while betting from the comfort of their own homes.


Whatever happens in 2022, we are likely to see more and more people gambling online, and the industry is expected to go from strength to strength.