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ICC Wales partners with FareShare and Event Cycle

Newport venue showcases industry impact by aligning community projects with sustainability goals

ICC Wales has partnered with two leading charities, FareShare and Event Cycle, to enhance its social legacy efforts and sustainability initiatives.

ICC Wales has become the first venue to partner with FareShare Cymru. The charity supports 170 organisations across Wales that address the underlying causes of hunger and seek to create lasting solutions rather than alleviating symptoms. ICC Wales will donate surplus food from events held at the venue in addition to having established a donation point in its atrium for locals, delegates and organisers to drop off non-perishable goods.

The decision to partner with the charity, which has fed one million people between 2022-2023, is a socially conscious expansion of the venue’s existing food waste policy. ICC Wales, along with its sister venue, The Celtic Manor Resort, have historically redirected their food waste from landfill into a biomass boiler that converts it into green power to fuel homes around South Wales, as well as the convention centre.


Danielle Bounds, Sales Director, ICC Wales, said: “Here at ICC Wales, we have always prided ourselves on our innovative and sustainable food waste policy. While it is our responsibility as a venue and industry to consider our proactive role in the climate crisis, we must not forget about the other ongoing battle: the cost-of-living crisis, which affects us all in different ways.

“It has been fantastic to see the response to the new food donation point at ICC Wales, which has been filled up on most days thanks to the generosity of our event clients and delegates, as well as donations from our own team. For every tonne of food that we help FareShare redistribute, together we prevent the waste of 1.5 million litres of water and 1.6 tonnes of embedded C02e emissions; but we’re also helping alleviate hunger and food poverty for thousands across Wales who are being driven into food insecurity. This is where the impact of events goes way beyond the boardroom: it demonstrates how ultimately, events have the power to change lives.”


Sarah Germain, CEO, FareShare Cymru said: “”At a time when 1 in 5 adults face food insecurity and thousands of tonnes of food goes to waste each year in Wales, collection points like this one set up by the ICC Wales will make a huge difference in helping us to get more food to people who need it.  We are currently working with 230 community groups and charities throughout Wales and have a large waiting list of organisations wanting to receive food.  We need more businesses to get on board like the ICC to help us access more surplus food to help meet the need.”


In addition to its partnership with FareShare, ICC Wales has teamed up with Event Cycle, a charity which turns unwanted items left by delegates or event organisers into donations to benefit community projects. This partnership encourages a more circular economy within the sector, and reflects findings from the venue’s most recent report, that events can create a strong sustainable impact and lasting social legacy.

Recent beneficiaries include St Vincent, an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage; and YMCA’s Cardiff Young Carers Project, which supports young individuals with caring responsibilities.


ICC Wales Energy and Sustainability Manager Fitzroy Hutchinson said: “We are committed to working with our event partners to eliminate waste wherever possible throughout their time here and when they pack away at the end of their events. The introduction of Event Cycle will help our clients focus on the type and amount of waste that is generated, and whatever remains will find its way into the circular economy.

“Last year’s SQLBits Data Platform Conference was a good example of an event that really wanted to work with us proactively to make sure that a number of items would be repurposed effectively. It was fantastic that we were able to work with Event Cycle who managed to find such deserving charities and community groups to benefit.”


The venue’s recent partnerships reinforce how the sector has the power to change the lives of locals today, as well as global future generations, aligning with findings from ICC Wales’ report Event Power: A Force For Good, which explores the far-reaching contribution that events have in today’s world.


Visit the Event Cycle and FareShare websites to find out more.

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