Innovative ‘learning glass’ technology among new methods being used at top college

INNOVATIVE ‘learning glass’ technology is among the cutting-edge methods being used to deliver virtual programmes at a leading college.

Coleg Cambria University Centre is utilising state-of-the-art equipment to prepare students for higher level study by delivering lectures online, and they are reaping the rewards.

The free full-time Access to Higher Education (HE)– Healthcare Level 3 Diploma is available at Deeside and Yale in Wrexham and just one example of a course which is using modern systems to support people joining lessons from home or the workplace.

Gemma Ible, a Curriculum Director for Access and Higher Education at Cambria, has opened admissions for the January cohort of the popular programme and is delighted with the feedback so far.

“It’s how we deliver these courses that sets Cambria apart, we can run high-quality programmes and ensure first-class teaching virtually because of the technology we have in place, notably the LED lightboards, or learning glass,” she said.

“Groups are still being taught by a real person, but it gives the feeling of being in the classroom, it’s very interactive and engaging and has made a huge difference.”

Gemma added: “The Access to HE – Healthcare course is aimed at adults already working in the health sector, most of which have a job, so we are totally flexible.

“They may also be parents so allowing them to spend one day in the classroom and the rest of the time learning ‘live’ online or in their own time is crucial.

“That’s also why we introduced a January intake, as it’s not always easy for parents or carers with children to join in September, it’s a busy month with children returning to school and the focus is elsewhere.”

With the Access programmes geared towards adults already in employment, Gemma said they are the perfect stepping-stone for anyone wanting to progress in their chosen careers.

“Taking the Healthcare programme, this is not just an extra qualification, it will get those who complete it onto university – our success rate for that is very high – and into a wide range of professions including nursing and midwifery, teaching, physiotherapy, and any allied health professional role,” she added.

“There is huge demand for skilled, qualified workers in the sector, and don’t worry if you don’t feel you have the necessary qualifications, we also take experience into account.

“The innovative way we do things has certainly made a difference post-pandemic, it’s given our learners an edge and we will further develop and build on that in the months and years ahead.”

For more information on the wide range of Access to HE courses at Coleg Cambria, visit the University Centre section of the website: