2021 is just around the corner. After a year of such uncertainty, many people are hoping that the new year brings a fresh start full of things to look forward to. If you’re someone that believes in ‘out with the old, in with the new’, you might be looking to give your house a makeover in January. If that’s the case, allow us to help. Below, you’ll find some of the top interior trends of 2021 that you can take inspiration from.

Interior trend: Coloured kitchen cabinets

How you can achieve this look in your home: Are you hoping to turn your kitchen from drab to fab? If so, it could be time to introduce coloured cabinets. If your kitchen is currently very neutral, this could help to provide the focal point that you need. Green will be especially popular in 2021, so get searching for your favourite shades now!

Interior trend: Wicker furniture

How you can achieve this look in your home: Add lightness and warmth to your home by investing in some wicker furniture. The likes of rattan and wicker are light, and can be moved around the house depending on your preferences.

Interior trend: Statement rugs for the living room

How you can achieve this look in your home: If you have got a large living room, it can be hard to know what to put in that space to fill it. If you don’t fancy a coffee table, then a large statement rug could do the job nicely. Introduce a splash of colour into your living with bold prints or a large-scale pattern.

Interior trend: Opulent grandeur and velvet furniture

How you can achieve this look in your home: While we’ve already seen a lot of opulent grandeur in 2020, this year we will see a lot more of it in lighting and furniture choices. Velvet will be very popular, so if you’re after a plush, comfortable new sofa, you now know what to pick.

Interior trend: Bringing the outdoors, indoors

How you can achieve this look in your home: Because we have spent so much time indoors recently, many people have started to bring the outdoors inside. In 2021, large leafy plants will be added to our living rooms, along with other succulents that are easy to look after. Plants add a sense of relaxation and calm to a room, which is definitely needed after the last few months.



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