Adopting the right mindset in business has always been recognised as important but is probably even more significant now. As business owners adjust to the new hybrid working environment and try to make up for financial losses caused by lockdowns, they are facing spiralling costs and further challenges ahead. Anything that can equip them with the necessary tools to face those challenges and continue to thrive is a welcome addition.

Successful business owners share several traits and one of the most important is a business mindset. A  person with a business mindset boasts a combination of several characteristics, including being able to see opportunities where others see challenges. They easily adapt to change, take initiative and use creativity to find solutions. This adaptability is vital in the current business environment which has changed significantly over the past two years.

Someone with a business mindset is not afraid of taking calculated risks. Failure does not defeat them, it is an opportunity to learn from their actions and become stronger. They are driven by their vision, as are all entrepreneurs, taking responsibility for their actions while ignoring naysayers. Having such a positive mindset builds resilience, which any business owner realises is imperative.

The great news is that anybody can develop a business mindset – including you. There are numerous advantages of having a positive mindset such as  being able to focus on important matters, prioritising what you need to concentrate your time and energy on. This ensures you become more productive with your time and therefore, more efficient. You will be able to eliminate limiting beliefs and build your self-confidence. There is also a health benefit from developing a business mindset; your newfound positive can-do attitude means you ditch negative thoughts which reduces stress and anxiety. You can also use your new skills to improve aspects of your personal life.

But where do you start? It all begins by changing your thought processes and identify where you need to improve. As with any goal in life you then need to come up with a plan on how to improve these areas. Habits play a big role in thought processes so any negative habits need to be banished and replaced with positive ones. You develop resilience and self-awareness so that you don’t fall back into your old, less productive mindset – which often happens in the early days.

This is just a simple overview of the process but there are numerous gurus online offering advice. We are fortunate to have one such expert providing business mindset workshops in Cardiff. Renowned motivational speaker and peak performance coach Jim Steele is headlining The Business Mindset Conference on 12 May at Cornerstone, Cardiff. The event has been organised by Business Butler and Chambers Wales and is sponsored by KAI and Ever Nimble. To find out more visit: