Joint enforcement team established in Bridgend as police and council continue to respond to coronavirus pandemic

South Wales Police and the seven local authorities in South Wales including Bridgend County Borough Council have established Joint Enforcement Teams (JET) to continue supporting to the collective effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Made up of police and council officers, the JETs will take action against individuals, businesses and licensed premises which blatantly fail to comply with the regulations or repeatedly breach them.

Chief Superintendent Andy Valentine, who is leading the South Wales Police response to Covid-19, said: “Throughout this pandemic we have adopted a policing style of explaining the rules, encouraging people to comply with them and only using enforcement as a last resort.

“That will continue and although we have been given additional powers by Welsh Government and the establishment of Joint Enforcement Teams we will continue to ensure that our approach to enforcement is proportionate.

“But our message to people and businesses who continue to flout the rules is clear: You need to do the right thing to stop the spread of coronavirus in our communities and if you show a blatant disregard for the rules then you should expect the police or our partner agencies to take enforcement action.”

Cllr Dhanisha Patel, Chair of the Shared Regulatory Services (SRS) joint committee, said: “Over the last few months, our enforcement teams have been asked to take on a far wider remit than normal, ensuring new regulations are met and helping to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus.

“As part of this role, we have been working closely with South Wales Police and businesses, providing advice and support, and issuing enforcement notices as a last resort for non-compliance.”

Cllr Patel, who is also the Cabinet Member for Future Generations and Wellbeing, added: “Targeted activity by the police and enforcement officers has shown the vast majority of businesses have implemented the necessary measures with only a few having been served improvement or closure notices.

“It has been an incredibly challenging year – we would like to thank businesses for their continued efforts in ensuring both their staff and customers as safe as possible, and also remind those who fail to ensure the regulations are met that enforcement action will be taken.”