Have you been injured or in an accident and are trying to determine the type of compensation you deserve? The following are five different, but common types of personal injury claims that may help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. As always, it’s important to speak to a professional about your personal injury claims, and we here at O’Brien Murphy Solicitors are here to help.



One of the most common forms of personal injury claims are road traffic accident claims. A road traffic accident claim commonly occurs after an individual has been injured in a car accident, but can extend to  include any accidents that occur whilst on the road, from pedestrian accidents to truck driving accidents. Unfortunately, many road traffic accidents are serious and can cause long lasting injuries, due to the nature of the large vehicles involved and the speed at which they travel.

Also included in road traffic accident claims are motorcycle or cycling claims, car accident claims, and whiplash claims. When an accident occurs and the individual at fault doesn’t have insurance or the motorist doesn’t leave their details, a routine road traffic accident claim can become far more complex. As many as 1 in 10 motorists do not have car insurance, making an accident claim difficult, but an expert solicitor can help.

Solicitors who have experience in road traffic accident claims can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve after your accident. Compensation will help pay medical bills and help cover necessary time off of work, and most importantly, it can help you relax and recover more quickly when not stressed about income.


Irish law decrees that all landowners have a legal responsibility to ensure their land is safe. This means a landowner should ensure that there are no hazards that may injure a person who is visiting or trespassing on their land.


When referring to public liability accidents, most accidents occur in shops, pubs, restaurants, colleges, sports venues and more. It is the duty of the landowner to ensure that these public places are safe and well-maintained. Accidents in public places are the second most common form of personal injury claims  in Ireland.

Most accidents that occur in public places are simple ones, such as slipping or tripping. If an accident does occur, it’s important that you report the accident, get the information of any witnesses, and take care of yourself by seeing a doctor if necessary, before contacting a solicitor for advice.


Otherwise known as ‘employer liability claims’, these types of claims are made after an accident has occurred in the workplace due to negligence of an employer. Because Irish law seeks to ensure the safety of employees, an employer who neglects the safety of their employees are responsible for injuries and any claims that may occur because of the accident. An employee who neglects the safety of their employees puts everyone, including customers or even the general public at risk.

Compensation for a work related injury would cover temporary workers, full time workers, self-employed workers who were contracted and on site at the time of the accident, and even a visitor to the work site. If an accident should occur at a workplace, it must be reported to the job site employer so there is a formal record of the accident on site. Additionally, photographs or witness information should be taken, and if necessary one should seek medical attention.


Even in the medical field, accidents can occur and doctors and nurses are not exempt from medical negligence claims. Also known as medical malpractice or clinical negligence, medical negligence cover a wide variety of claims such as:

  1. a) Error during a surgery.
  2. b) Misdiagnosis.
  3. c) Failure to establish illness.
  4. d) Substandard medical care received.

If you believe you’ve been subject to medical negligence, then it is best to contact a solicitor as soon as possible, due the complexity of medical negligence. What one must demonstrate is that a different course of treatment or action by another medical practitioner would have prevented the injury from occurring. This is an extremely complex field and requires the experience of a solicitor who is well-versed in medical negligence claims.


A product liability claim arises from an injury that occurs from a defective consumer or medical product. As long as the product was used in the way it was intended to be used, and still malfunctioned, a case can be made. Some examples of product liability claims include:

  • Injuries from defective appliances
  • Injuries from defective medical devices
  • Injuries from contaminated cosmetic products
  • Injuries from pharmaceutical drugs
  • Injuries from an accident caused by a defective vehicle

If you can prove that a product caused you personal injury and that it was defective, you need to contact a solicitor who can effectively pursue a case of product liability.



O’Brien Murphy Solicitors, located in Dublin, is an experienced team that seeks your best results. We’re here to support you through your personal injury claims and answer any questions you may have, while ensuring that justice is served.


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