How to choose the right solicitor for civil partnership breakups

It’s a sad fact that life is not a fairy tale, and sometimes the happily-ever-after does come to an end. Coming to the realisation that your civil partnership has broken down, with its dissolution being the best option for your family, is an upsetting and stressful time for everyone involved, particularly children. However, a solicitor who is experienced in civil partnerships breakup can help to make this emotional process just that bit easier. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right solicitor for civil partnerships breakup.

Do you want a civil partnership dissolution or separation?

Your civil partnership can be ended through a Dissolution Order, which can take as little as four to six months to process in straightforward cases. To apply for a Dissolution Order, you must prove that you have reasonable grounds to do so due to the irretrievable breakdown of your relationship caused by: unreasonable behaviour, desertion, being separated for two years with your partner’s consent to dissolve the partnership, or not requiring your partner’s consent if you have been separated for five years. However, you might like to separate from your partner but not be quite ready to dissolve the partnership, or you might have been in your civil partnership for less than a year when your relationship breakdown occurs. In both these cases, a Separation Order would be a better option, as it would allow you to legally separate from your partner without dissolving the civil partnership.

Is your solicitor experienced in civil partnership breakups?

A civil partnership gives you and your partner similar legal and financial rights to those of a married couple; due to this, a civil partnership dissolution is similar to a divorce. However, there are some procedural differences, so it is important that you choose solicitors who are experienced in civil partnership breakups such as expert solicitors Dudley, to give you the peace of mind that the process will be carried out as quickly and as smoothly as possible with sensitivity and professionalism. You should also ensure that your solicitor is experienced in dealing with family law in general, to help to resolve child maintenance issues and the division of assets.

Are there children involved?

Children inevitably make a civil partnership breakup that bit more harrowing. You and your partner have to come to terms with the breakup of your family unit and potentially not seeing your children as much as you’d like – not to mention your children’s emotions as they see their parents struggling. Look for a solicitor who is experienced in family law; they will work with you to arrange custody and visitation rights, and draw up a routine of child maintenance payments. They can also help with the division of assets, such as the family home and any loans. With an experienced solicitor, you can be confident in the knowledge that your civil partnership breakup will be handled as swiftly and sympathetically as possible, thus reducing any stress for your children.


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