The Most Popular Law Companies for the IT Sector in Wales

Written by James Collins

Each year in Wales, a survey is carried out to rate the best legal firms in the best service provision in different categories. The survey lists the best legal service provider in family matters, business matters, injury issues, property cases and more.

The recent list is out and some of the top companies in the top 500 list are:.

Eversheds Sutherland (international)

Eversheds Sutherland is a law firm comprising four partners whose clients have claimed to be informed and updated, especially in the IT sector issues. The law firm provides local and international services to corporates. Joanne Davies heads the team, and together, they advise clients from the public and private sectors on how to deal with certain issues.

The IT sector clients have praised the law firm claiming they are very knowledgeable, experienced, and dynamic. If you want to work with a law company that exhibits complete professionalism, Eversheds Sutherland is the best firm for IT firms.

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Capital Law Firm

Capital Law Company gives legal advice to clients from the commercial sector in the private industry. The law firm mainly deals with clients from the manufacturing, transport, and retail sector. If you need any legal advice from an experienced law company that deals with matters concerning IT, the Capital Law firm is the place to be.

The Capital Law team is known to think out of the box and is always up to date on current affairs. With all these interesting ideas around you and current affairs in the legal sphere, as we discussed earlier, doing law essays will become a really good experience for you and help in achieving top grades in college.

Acuity Law

A team of four lawyers leads Acuity Law and gives commercial legal advice to corporates and employees from the IT sector. They mostly deal with clients who have issues with the TUPE.

When working with Acuity Law, you are assured of quality service and value for your money. The team from the law firm gets praises for being on point and efficient. Why not work with Acuity Law and get the best IT legal services?

Hugh James Law Company

Hugh James is a multi-disciplinary and environmental Law Company that deals with transactional, regulatory, and contentious work. The IT sector clients who have worked with Hugh James have all given positive feedback and describe the firm as a go-getter company with knowledge and skills.

Get legal advice from Hugh James regarding any issue from the IT sector. The team provides efficient and high-quality service to its clients from various sectors like the public and private sectors. If you are searching for a law firm that will give you the best services, then Hugh James is the place for you.

Darwin Gray Law firm

Darwin Gray is widely known for its expertise in helping start-up companies both locally and internationally. The primary workload that the law firm deals with comes from the IT sector. The firm also deals with commercial issues from different corporates in Wales.

Clients have described the firm as an organized team with knowledge and experience. The company is also known for thinking outside the box and coming up with working solutions. At Darwin Gray Law Firm, you will get high quality and efficient services at affordable rates.


Getting a law firm that can deliver quality services is challenging. When choosing a law firm, pick one that has been in the industry for a long time as it will have experienced staff. Clients from the IT sector find it difficult to get reliable, knowledgeable, and creative law firms who can advise them on various issues. In Wales, the above are the most popular firms.


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