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Lonely this Christmas? Over a Third of Brits Could Do With More Hugs!

In a recent nationwide survey,™, the UK’s leading cosy brand known for its premium weighted blankets and hoodie blankets, found that over a third (37%) of the UK population feel they aren’t hugged enough. The study, conducted with 2,000 individuals aged 18 to 65 and above, shed light on the nation’s craving for more affection, something that will undoubtedly be felt even more over the festive period for those who may be unable to see loved ones.


In a shocking finding, the survey highlighted that nearly a quarter (23%) of the elderly haven’t received a hug in the past month. Beyond age discrepancies, the data highlighted a broader issue — 37% of all respondents felt they weren’t hugged enough, regardless of their age.


The research emphasises the importance of hugs as a universal symbol of affection and a potent catalyst for emotional and physical well-being. Hugs are known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase the release of oxytocin — the so-called ‘cuddle hormone’  that is indispensable for maintaining mental health.

The survey also revealed regional disparities in the nation’s hugging habits. For instance, 73% of Northern Ireland residents reported they felt sufficiently hugged, but less than half (49%) of North East inhabitants shared that sentiment. Interestingly, Londoners led the hugging trend, with 24% stating they’d been hugged 5-9 times in the past month, almost double the national average.

Amid the concerning lack of hugs,™’s weighted blankets have emerged as a comforting alternative. Scientific studies suggest these blankets can mimic the restorative effects of a hug, providing relief from stress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties whilst enhancing one’s overall well-being.

Every person has their own reason for enjoying the weighted blanket:: “After my husband died, I received a weighted blanket. It really does give me comfort! It’s like a hug, and I can no longer sleep without it,” shared Angela M, one of™’s customers.

On a mission to ensure no one feels hug-deprived this winter,™ aims to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to households across the nation.

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About™™ is the UK’s leading cosy brand known for its high-quality weighted blankets and hoodie blankets. With a commitment to promoting restful sleep and overall wellness,™ offers a range of products designed to deliver the comforting sensation of a hug, enhancing comfort and relaxation for users of all ages.

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