Low Cost Vans unveils new products to partner customers on whole journey of owning a vehicle

Low Cost Vans, one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial vehicles, has unveiled a fleet of new products for its customers designed to make their journey through the lifecycle of owning a commercial vehicle easier, safer and more cost effective.

The company, based in Neath, South Wales, has rolled out a new vehicle maintenance service, which takes care of all a vehicle’s routine maintenance, and an innovative fleet management service, which provides customers with a mobile phone app they can use to manage many of the logistics involved in managing a fleet of vehicles.

Low Cost Vans Maintenance Services will look after all of a vehicle’s maintenance requirements, easing cashflow, making budgeting easier and saving the time that would otherwise be spent shopping around for the best deal and price.

For a fixed monthly fee, the service includes the cost of MOTs, all parts and labour costs associated with routine servicing, maintenance and repairs, breakdown cover and the cost of replacement tyres. This gives the vehicle’s owner peace of mind that there will be no big outlay if something goes wrong while keeping vehicles and drivers on the road, safely, for longer.

Low Cost Vans commercial customers will also be eligible for its new fleet management service, called Drive Assure. This service allows companies with large fleets of vehicles to easily track the management of their vehicles, ensuring they remain safe, roadworthy and their insurance and MOT is always up to date at all times.

As well as saving time and money, this new service will greatly relieve fleet managers and business owners of the worry that a serious accident – possibly resulting in loss of life – might occur due to an avoidable mechanical oversight. More than 500 people die every year in collisions involving drivers who are driving for work.

The service includes a daily prompt for drivers who will be asked to inspect the basic condition of the vehicle before driving it, MOT reminders, mileage input reminders, and a dedicated helpline for accident management.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Low Cost Vans has grown rapidly in the last 12 months, gaining an additional 10 staff including a new analyst, a new head of marketing and a new director of compliance. Its growth plans include the recruitment of around eight new members of staff to further boost its existing team.

In early 2020 the company also launched two new businesses: First National Cars, specialising in car leasing, and First Electric Vehicles, which will help and encourage its customers switch to electric vehicles when their leases are due for renewal.

Rod Lloyd, managing director of Low Cost Vans, said:

“As a company, we have grown steadily and gone from strength to strength in our core business of making commercial vehicles available to companies and individuals across the UK, keeping businesses on the road and the economy moving in the process.

“For us, these new services are a natural extension of that. Instead of only having contact with our customers at the start and the end of the lifecycle of a vehicle, we will now become their long-term partner, ensuring their vehicles are always roadworthy and taking the hassle out of managing a fleet of vehicles.”