When you have a business, you are also going to have signage, which means that you should be doing as much as possible to ensure that it is doing the job that you expect of it. This means that it should convey the image of your business and give customers info in a succinct manner. However, many companies are making mistakes concerning their signage that are leaving people with the wrong overall impression of their company. So, let’s check out some of these errors and what can be done about them.

Poor Material

First, if the sign is not on the right material in the first place, it may end up being flimsy and not firm enough. For this reason, you should look at Aluminum composite panel for signs as a potential choice. The wrong materials may also mean that the signs are simply not standing up to a host of different weather conditions, which is going to be a problem when they are kept outside and will cost more in replacements in the longer term.

Wrong Choice of Colours

The next potential issue that you could be facing is that the colour scheme that you opt for is simply not right. This may be a problem with your overall branding that you need to look at in a higher level of detail. Ultimately, people need to be able to read the sign against whatever backdrop that you choose, which is why businesses tend to go for contrasting colours here. Think about where the sign is located and how far away people are going to need to be to read all that it has to say.

Not Enough Spacing Between Letters and Words

While it may well seem like it is a simple enough mistake to be making, you should certainly be wary of not having enough spacing between letters and words on the sign. Otherwise, you can end up in a situation in which people are seriously struggling to see what it is saying. Ultimately, you should make sure to get this right on the screen as a starting point before you go through the expense of printing anything out at all.

Poor Choice of Artwork

While the words are going to convey the main meaning of the sign, to begin with, you need to think about the overall package. So, if this choice of artwork is simply not right, this is a problem that you need to be avoiding. Avoid going for anything that is too generic and has been used time and time again in the past, as this will not be eye catching.

Poor Visibility

This is more about where the sign is being placed, rather than the actual quality of it, but it is always going to be important that your sign is visible to everyone that may need to view it.

All these mistakes are among some of the most common that can end up being made if you are not careful.