Manufacturer plans for expansion and creates new jobs following award win and revenue surge

A FAMILY-OWNED manufacturing company celebrating more than two decades in business is planning for expansion and creating new jobs.  

And news of further growth at Corwen-based Neatcrown comes after the firm won the prestigious Co-Manufacturer and Packer of the Year title at the UK Packaging Awards, held in London.

Business Development Manager Karen Jones attended the event, and said the group’s commitment to customer service, quality, and the performance of its “incredible team” have led to sustained success.

With a 39,000 sq ft warehouse, laboratory and headquarters sited on 2.5 acres in the picturesque Denbighshire town, Neatcrown – which employs up to 40 staff and is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 – has big plans for the future.

“We are probably one of the best kept secrets in the region and have grown significantly over recent years,” said Karen.

“As a contract manufacturer we work with a lot of distributors and companies that have their own brands, helping them to develop products via our onsite laboratory and ultimately manufacturing them, before they are sent out for sale across the UK and internationally.

“For that and the hard work of the incredible team we have here to be recognised with such an amazing award is a great privilege, so we thank the judges for this accolade.”

Established by the Griffiths family in 2002, Neatcrown Corwen Ltd began to diversify pre-pandemic to focus primarily on growth within the agriculture sector, notably crop nutrition, bio-stimulants, and innovative methods to drive sustainability in farming, having been manufacturing horticultural products at the site for more than four decades.

While expansion continues, the company is renowned for its flexible and reactive approach – switching to disinfectant manufacturing during the first wave of Covid-19 kept the business operational – and partnerships across a wide range of sectors.

CEO Colin Roberts said innovation and forging new relationships centred on advances in technology and sustainability are vital moving forward.

“Given the changing environment, climate change and other global factors, collaboration is pivotal to our continued success,” he said.

“We work with a wide range of organisations, co-manufacturing their products, packaging them and helping to develop them – it’s an end-to-end journey and experience for us, and for the customer.”

Colin added: “Neatcrown is growing, and not just in terms of revenue and reputation but also the jobs we are creating for skilled, passionate workers in what is a remote, rural area.

“We want to continue supporting the local economy as a key employer in the area, building our name and raising standards, for ourselves and the industry.”

They had an opportunity to showcase the business at this year’s CropTec Show, held over two days in Warwickshire. The event has been delivering and showcasing technical knowledge, products, services and practical advice to the country’s progressive growers and agronomists for more than 10 years.

“We are delighted to have exhibited at the show for the first time, it was a chance for us to meet with leading names in the agriculture and horticulture arenas and demonstrate what we do,” said Karen.

“These are fast-growing markets, and we want to get the message out there that we are an expanding, evolving business with a clear vision for further growth that will have a positive impact on our partners, customers and the sector, for many years to come.”

For more information and to see the latest job vacancies at Neatcrown, visit the website or follow Neatcrown on LinkedIn.

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