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NAHT Cymru comments on Welsh government’s draft framework for next phase of schooling in Wales

NAHT Cymru, the National Association for Head Teachers in Wales, has said they are ‘heartened’ by a commitment from Education Minister Kirsty Williams where she confirmed that the Welsh Government will wait for more evidence and more control over the COVID-19 epidemic before setting a date for Welsh children to return to school.

Laura Doel, director of NAHT Cymru, said in a statement:

“We are heartened to hear Education Minister Kirsty Williams state unequivocally that she will not set an arbitrary date for a return to school before we have more evidence, more confidence and more control over the virus. To make any decision influenced by other factors would be irresponsible and could have a detrimental impact on children, school staff, families and the wider communities. The framework includes the key factors we believe must be addressed before children can return to school, including the medical and scientific evidence on which decisions are made as well as the very many practical implications such as how social distancing can be maintained, the expectations on schools and how schools will be supported through this process.

“NAHT Cymru has worked tirelessly to ensure the very real concerns of the profession are being listened to. The only way to ensure a successful and sustainable return to school is to have the support of the profession. Without it, public confidence in any plan will crumble. Welsh Government is listening to us and we will continue to work with them to ensure we have a safe and supported route to the next phase of schooling.”

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