Work is underway to reopen part of a Rhyl nature reserve to the public

Denbighshire County Council’s Countryside Service staff and volunteers are bringing back to life a forgotten area of Brickfield Pond Nature Reserve.

Over the winter work is taking place to an area at the south of the main pond, near the employment park, to open up a hidden space and restore access to the land and improve local biodiversity.

Overseen by Countryside Ranger Vitor Evora, the work will include the clearing of an undergrowth area to allow a new path to be built linking to an old community orchard and pond.

A small wooden bridge will be built to provide access into the Orchard using the new path that will go around the ponds edge and back.

Nearby water courses will also be cleared out to allow Water Voles the chance to flourish at the nature reserve.

Vitor explained: “The orchard and the pond we will be reopening. We will be tidying up all the area around it, cutting back the brambles but still leaving a good amount for the birds and other wildlife.

“In the New Year the plan is to start building the bridge with our team and after we will have a contractor in to build the path into the area and through and around the orchard and pond.”

Countryside staff will be working with Rhyl College students to also build a fence along the new area.

This project is also supported by Nature for Health and Ysgol Tir Morfa.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “This is such a fantastic project that is supporting local biodiversity and also public health and well-being by opening up more areas of Brickfield Pond.

“I am grateful to the volunteers and staff for carrying out this work and look forward to seeing the finished area and also its impact on the biodiversity of Brickfield Pond.”