Bridgend County Borough Council has revealed how new allotments in the Kenfig Hill area are going to look as part of a multi-million pound investment into new community facilities.

It follows the recent announcement that the council intends to relocate 26 existing allotment plots currently located alongside Mynydd Cynffig Primary so that the land can be used to construct all-new school premises.

The site of the new allotments will include all-new security fencing, enhanced access, parking facilities and a pigeon loft. Each of the individual 26 plots will feature new timber fencing and gated access, a hardstanding space complete with a new shed, a water butt, a chicken coop and soil that has been guaranteed to meet specific standards.

Details and images of the new allotments were revealed to plot holders as part of a recent engagement session which took place on 28 June.

Deputy Leader, Cllr Jane Gebbie said: “These plans are intended to provide an all-new, £12.8m primary school for 420 pupils that is fit for the 21st century along with a 75-place nursery which will benefit local families for generations to come.

“As this cannot be constructed without using adjacent council-owned land, the council has pledged to relocate all 26 existing allotments to a nearby site just behind the new school, and to fully engage with allotment users every step of the way.

“They have already received details on how we are mitigating factors involving wildlife and traffic, and our most recent meeting with them included a full presentation where they were able to view images of how the new site will look.

“As the plot holders are not currently constituted and hold no formal status, we are also advising them on how they can form an official allotment association so that the new site can be leased to them in the longer term.

“Under these plans, local children will no longer have to rely upon ageing school infrastructure that has served its purpose. Issues regarding the use of temporary classrooms or the school’s former split-site status will be resolved, and the community will continue to benefit from being able to access local well-equipped allotment facilities.

“These plans are about providing new and additional facilities, not losing existing ones.

“We are asking the allotment holders to work alongside us on the delivery of these plans, and to help ensure that the entire community will be able to benefit from this new multi-million-pound investment.”