66% of people in Wales back E-Scooter Audio Signals to Keep Disabled People Safe

  • A new report by The Compensation Experts has revealed the public’s attitudes and concerns towards E-scooters
  • 38% of people in Wales don’t think that E-scooters are safe
  • 68% of people in Wales think there should be a test before you can ride an E-scooter
  • 66%  in the city  think E-Scooters should have audio signals

If you have visited a UK city within the past few months you will have most likely seen people driving e-scooters within pedestrian areas. The controversial form of transport remains illegal for much of the UK and their use in public areas is only permitted as part of a government backed trial in certain areas.

Although the law states that a driving license is needed to participate in a rental scheme, the use of electric scooters, especially by the teen population, has led to many concerns from the public. A new report by The Compensation Experts reveals the UK’s true perception of this new mode of transport.

Electric scooter unease in Wales

The average electric scooter can travel at a max speed of between 15-22mph[1] – a speed high enough to easily cause injury.

The report revealed that 68% of people in Wales think there should be a test before you can ride an E-Scooter.

58% of the country also believes there should be an age limit on the scooters, and 66% think E-Scooters should have audio signals.

It seems E-Scooters have a way to go before they have overwhelming Welsh support.

Are the e-scooter trials working?

Many locations across the UK currently have shared e-scooter trials in place, but how do the residents of those areas feel after living with e-scooters for the past few weeks and months?

The report questioned residents in a handful of areas currently trialing e-scooters and asked residents if they felt they were safe or not, the results can be seen below:

Area Operator of the trial When the trial was Launched How many residents do not feel that e-scooters are safe 
Newcastle Neuron 16-Feb-21 38%
Norwich Beryl 21-Sep-20 43%
Birmingham Voi 10-Sep-20 49%
Southampton Voi 18-Mar-21 51%
Bristol Voi 29-Oct-20 53%
Nottingham Wind 27-Oct-20 53%
Liverpool Voi 06-Oct-20 55%

For the full report, please visit:  https://the-compensation-experts.co.uk/what-do-brits-think-about-e-scooters/

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