There are a dozen reasons why you could choose to learn a new language. Maybe you want to move to a new country and learn their native language to make settling there more comfortable for yourself. Or perhaps you are just into learning new languages. You could even choose to learn a language simply because you think it is a good exercise for your brain. Whatever your reasons are for learning a new language, perseverance and enthusiasm will help you pick up the style soon enough.

So after deliberation, you decide that you want to learn Welsh.

Wales is one of the countries which make up the United Kingdom, Welsh being its official language (although English is widely spoken). Over 500,000 people speak the Welsh language in Wales. Although it sounds like a vast number, in perspective to the rest of the world, it is not. However, if you decide to go ahead with learning Welsh, here is everything you need to know!


First, figure out the ‘Why’

Unless you figure out the ‘why,’ you will never find satisfaction in the ‘how.’ This just means that until you understand why you decide to learn the language, you might, along the way, lose your motivation and stop.

Whatever the reason is for you wanting to learn Welsh, make sure that you are aware of it, so that it remains your motivating factor throughout your journey. You may be learning it because it is a part of your culture, or maybe you are learning it for a new employment. You might even just be learning it out of curiosity for the language. However, keep your reason for learning it in mind, just so that the clarity of purpose will keep you moving along.


Where can you learn Welsh?

So you finally decide that you want to learn Welsh. Well, where do you even begin?

One of the most essential, most economical, and most accessible tools you have is online learning tools. Of course, if you are planning to learn Welsh while still committing to your job, a college course, or while studying full-time, doing it online might just be the best option for you.


Tools you can use to learn Welsh:

There are several options you can explore online when it comes to learning Welsh.

You can always opt for an online course, much like any other classroom course you would attend. Here, you can pick the language you wish to learn, choose the duration and timing of your class, and pay your fees online to begin.

There are dozens of online courses to choose from, so you can always explore the various websites to pick the one which you like best.

You can also learn Welsh by downloading language learning apps on your phone, tablet, or laptop. One of the popular apps where you can learn Welsh is called Duolingo. If you decide to learn Welsh on this app, you are not alone! In just one year, the number of people learning Welsh on Duolingo increases by one third!

The brand Duolingo launched its Welsh language course in 2016, and already has over 1.2 million people accessing it! The app has a straightforward user interface and makes the process of learning a language fun and interactive.

Another online tool you can explore is- Say Something in Welsh. About 60,000 regulars are learning Welsh on this online platform!

Finally, you can always choose to join a language school where you would traditionally sit with a teacher and other students in a classroom to learn the language. This is one of the best methods of picking up the style, as it is interactive, allows you to socialize with other students and also have fun along the way.

Coleg Gwent is a great college that delivers this course to students on behalf of the National Centre. Here, you can learn Welsh with the help of several mediums, such as classroom teaching, online teaching, night sessions, and intensive learning.

However, to join this college, you need to be eligible. The eligibility criteria are:

  1. You must be living in the Blaenau Gwent area
  2. Attend an Entry 1 or Entry Part 1 and 2 in the Gwent area.


Advantages of learning Welsh:

There are dozens of advantages of learning any new language. It is a great skill to be bilingual or even multilingual. The mere process of learning another language enriches our brains, firing up our neurons, and helps make our brains more active and more energetic. However, if you are wondering about the advantages of explicitly learning Welsh, then here is what you need to know.

  • Learning Welsh will increase you job prospects in Wales, especially if you are planning to move to a Welsh-speaking region.  Learning the language could be a considerable advantage as it will help you fit into the workplace and community better.
  • By learning Welsh, you can also learn to read Welsh literature. Welsh literature is one of the oldest literature in Europe. It is enlightening and enriching, and learning the language helps you understand this literature in a more profound sense.
  • If you are planning a trip to Wales, then there can be nothing better than picking up the language first! It not only helps you communicate with the locals in Welsh-speaking areas but also enriches your travel experience. It can be liberating to be able to read signs, menus, and even enjoy essential communication with local Welsh-speaking people.
  • By learning the language, you can also learn to enjoy Welsh songs, which are brilliant in terms of lyrics, tone, and style! Wales is very popular for its sizeable male voice choirs. Wales is commonly known as the ‘Land of Song.’ If you genuinely wish to appreciate the lyrical beauty of Welsh songs, learning the language can be an excellent tool for you.
  • If you invest in learning Welsh, you can eventually teach the language to other students as well! You don’t even have to have it as your native language. Merely discovering the language intensively and taking the teacher’s training exams will give you a chance to teach others this language which you have come to love.
  • Another advantage of learning this beautiful language is that you might want to integrate yourself into a Welsh-speaking community. Whether you are planning on moving to Wales, or only becoming a part of a majorly Welsh-speaking community, learning the language is the first step to integrating yourself in its society and culture.
  • Finally, what better reason can there be to learn Welsh, other than you simply want to learn this beautiful language! Welsh is fast growing as a popular language which people are choosing to learn worldwide. Thanks to online tools, now, anybody can learn this language in any part of the world.

While you might have your compelling reasons to learn Welsh, finding the right tools can be just what you need. Whether you join online classes, learn from an app on your phone, or simply ask someone who speaks the language to teach you, it can be an exhilarating experience! Of course, remember to practice with someone else, like a student, or someone else who can speak the language, so that you get incrementally better at it.


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