Council to fly flag to mark Merchant Navy Day

Denbighshire County Council will mark Merchant Navy Day on September 3.

Merchant Navy Day is an annual event to show support for the seafarers on which the UK so heavily depends and the Council will mark the event by flying the Red Ensign flag.

The Red Ensign, or Red Duster as it is affectionately known, has been the recognised flag of the British Merchant Navy since 1854.

Cllr Meirick Lloyd-Davies, Chair of Denbighshire County Council, said: “The Council is proud to mark Merchant Navy Day. As well as the contribution in the Second World War and other conflicts, many thousands of British seafarers still work on the oceans.

“More than 95% of our imports are carried by ship, including half the food we eat. This is an opportunity to celebrate the role of a fleet that works in difficult conditions including extended periods of duty and long separation from family and friends.”

The flag will fly at County Hall, Ruthin on Thursday, September 3.

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