“A Home is a place where you grow up wanting to leave And Grow old wanting to get back”


How to keep our sweet home, sweet?

We all aspire and strive hard to build a beautiful, peaceful and safe abode for ourselves and our families, whether owned or rented. And once we manage to create a sweet home, the next aspiration on the list is to keep it sweet and for that, we need to keep on adding sugar, in other words, constant effort is required on our part, to maintain and renovate it, investing time and love, to keep it spick and span and aesthetically pleasing for our own comfort and convenience.

However, over time, the ‘sweetness’ can fade as we face challenges – whether that is down to the cost of renovating our homes, or too little time, or other commitments. As we hit these roadblocks, we slowly move away from our initial good intentions, lose the initiative to keep redecorating and eventually wind up compromising on our standard of living.

Here’s some tips to recover that initial motivation with some tricks and hacks that are not only friendly on your pocket but are also quick and easy to put in place.


Let Us floor the floor

Beautiful and strong flooring for your home not only adds to its charm and ambiance but is also comfortable and warmer for the people who live there.  Carpet isn’t always ideal for high traffic areas of your home and wooden, tiled or and marble flooring are increasingly popular for these areas – although these are not cheap options.  If you can’t afford your dream floor right now, why not invest in cheap vinyl flooring that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, can be easily installed by you and comes in a wide range of styles, designs and patterns to suit your decor.  It will immediately make your home feel more comfortable.

The Front Door is Calling 

People usually tend to overlook the front door of their house which leads to the entrance. By just regularly polishing, applying a lick of paint and decorating it with a hanging designer nameplate or illuminating it with an outdoor light will make your entrance look more elegant and appealing.


Why Paint the Wall ?

Walls can get grubby really quickly, especially white walls and sometimes can give a cold feel.  Wallpaper offers a great way to truly personalise your home, with a wide selection available to suit all styles and tastes.   If you have never wallpapered before, you can find great videos on you tube to guide you on the best techniques, although all basically involve levelling the wall and filling in any gaps, applying the adhesive and sticking the paper to the wall, smoothing with a brush as you go. Then, when you are tired of the paper, simply remove it and replace it with new!


Give your home some space

We keep on acquiring clutter that we don’t need – then soon complain about the space constraints this brings to our homes. As per numerous studies, a cramped and disorganized house negatively impacts your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as having an impact on the home’s appeal. So, why not fall in love with your home again by simply decluttering your living space – start with your wardrobe, then move on to your kitchen, bedroom and sitting area.  Give away or sell your unused clothes and shoes, household gadgets, electronics and clutter and only keep things you love, creating more space for you to live happily and healthily.

Try to extend this to your outdoor areas too – when you love everything in your home,  you’ll soon fall in love with your home again.


So time to unpack and drop the unnecessary baggage and let’s start making our home sweet again.

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