Dog ownership in Wales down 20% as restrictions ease

As normality resumes, and people in Wales spend less time at home, the soaring demand for dog ownership is beginning to drop. New data from shows the purchase of puppies is decreasing alongside easing restrictions, with June 20% lower than April this year.

Recent reports conducted by the RSPCA also show a spike in the number of owners looking for their dogs to be rehomed after purchasing them during lockdown.* As this trend begins to accelerate the RSPCA are appealing for new dog owners to rehome older dogs instead of purchasing a puppy. Currently only 17% of dog owners acquired their pets from UK rescue or rehoming centres.**

Although some owners are struggling to cope with the responsibilities of pet ownership as restrictions ease, more people in Wales than ever have added a pooch to their household, so it’s important to be aware of cost-effective ways to care for your furry friend.

If you are already an owner or interested in rehoming a dog this winter, provides a few tips for keeping your pet safe, while keeping the costs down:

  1. Consider opting for a lifetime pet insurance policy, because the higher upfront cost could save you more as your dog ages
  2. Insure multiple animals under the same multi-pet insurance policy
  3. Ensure pets are up to date with vaccinations/booster shots (neutering can help too)
  4. Think about lifestyle – house dogs and cats are less likely to be stolen or run away

Greg Wilson, Founder of pet insurance comparison platform, comments: “More time at home, the surge of socially distanced exercise such as walking and running and perhaps extra cash saved during the pandemic, made it feel like the perfect opportunity for many, to add a family pet to the mix. Now, as life in Wales returns to near-normal, our data shows that the booming trend of pet ownership is beginning to fall as restrictions ease.

“Unfortunately, it’s likely that this trend will continue and more animals will need new homes, so if animal lovers are looking to add a pet to their household it’s important they consider rehoming and adopting – particularly in the build up to Christmas.  Our tips can help households keep costs down should they be worried about expensive pet insurance – plus using a comparison site like ours can help them get a competitive price.” is one of the leading insurance comparison websites in the UK, helping over 3 million users find a more competitive deal on their insurance.  The platform can help pet owners compare specialist quotes for rabbit insurance, puppy insurance, older dog insurance, kitten insurance or cat insurance.  -ENDS-


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