A filmmaker from Cardiff is urgently seeking funding to make his movie dream become a reality.

Hugo Dodd, who is now at Bournemouth Film School (AUB), has a script, cast and crew in place for his sci-fi comedy ‘The Landing Platform’. But progress is being hampered by a financial shortfall for filming and production. Due to issues caused by the pandemic, the movie has missed out on backing that had previously been committed.

Despite these setbacks, Hugo is still particularly keen to get the project off the ground. The film focuses on several themes that have become increasingly prevalent during the pandemic, including loneliness, neediness, isolation and mental health issues.

Its story revolves around Jacob, a struggling music store owner, who realises the key to finding love may not be on earth, but instead lie somewhere in the stars. He builds the landing platform in hope that it will help prompt an interplanetary romance. Jacob is left to see whether his special someone does indeed hail from another dimension, or whether he should focus on his friendship elsewhere.

As well as highlighting serious issues, the film also takes a sideways glance at love, relationships and friendship.

Hugo said: “Though the idea has been in my mind for a while, I began writing the script just as we went into our first lockdown. I couldn’t help but relate my situation to Jacob’s because, at that moment I would have loved to escape the planet. In this strange time, Jacob’s struggles to connect with people is something that resonates with us all.”

For more information or to donate, go to www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-landing-platform

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