Give the gift of specialist online exercise classes for Father’s Day

Elderfit run specialist exercise classes for older people, and for Father’s Day they have a special offer of 45% off a year’s subscription of online classes.

Before lockdown Elderfit were seeing more than 700 people a week, mainly working with care homes to help residents build their strength and balance. Since COVID-19 outbreak, they have taken all classes online covering a wide range of techniques and balance exercises.

The main aim of the online videos is to reduce the risk of falls, but the videos also help strengthen upper body muscles for participants, so if a fall does happen they will be more able to pull themselves back up. Creating independence is also a key element to the classes, therefore helping people re-discover their confidence and stability. With lockdown, this is more important than ever to help keep older people healthy and safe.

Talking about Elderfit Cheryl Williams, Principal Health Promotion Specialist, Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team said:

“Elderfit provide an important part of the work we do in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to help our community to reduce their risk of having a fall. So many people who attend their classes report that they feel stronger, less worried about falling and more importantly, they have a great time while they are exercising and enjoy meeting other people.

“At the current time, with the classes in the community not being able to run, having Elderfit exercise sessions available online, and a place where people can chat to each other, is really important. It continues to provide people with the opportunity to do the exercises in their own home with the support of the instructors and give them away to connect with others.”

Elderfit is Co-Directed by Gareth Bartlett, and Tom Scaife who together have over 40 years’ experience working in the fitness industry, and both are a level 4 personal trainer.

Gareth said:

“It’s of paramount importance that older people regularly exercise to improve their strength and balance, not only to help reduce the risks of falls but to maintain their confidence and independence.
“During lockdown, people have been confined to their homes and are facing fears around not only their general health, but from their decreased lack of mobility. When restrictions are lifted further, we want the physical aspect of that fear minimised so that they have the confidence to return to their normal routine.”

Elderfit is currently 45% off when you sign up for a year’s subscription of online classes. With the discounted offer, the one-off payment is only ¬£60 for one whole year. For more information on Elderfit and the offer go to:

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