Huge Growth for New Video Marketing Agency Over Pandemic

Aura Ads, a Cardiff-based video agency that launched earlier this year has not only increased its revenue by 375%, but has also taken on some key clients including Pact Coffee, Abbot Lyon, Huel and Freddie’s Flowers.

Due to the numerous clients, growth plans and future expansion, Aura Ads will also be on the lookout for new members of the team at the start of the new year. There are currently four employees on the Aura Ads team.

As the business has operated globally, including clients in Boston, Amsterdam, Germany, Canada and Australia, they will be expanding more actively in the US and have launched a brand new American site and have already taken on their first American client from it.

New stats have shown that online shopping has been more popular than ever this year. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 58% of the British say they shop online more now than prior to Covid, and 62% of Americans said the same.

Ryan Walton, Founder of Aura Ads, says:

“With more time spare to scroll through social media and shop online, brands are well aware that one of the best ways that they can spend their marketing budgets is on paid social. In order to scale this channel, brands have to invest in their creative to maintain and grow their profitability. Our unique subscription model provides D2C brands with a simple way to create bespoke video ads to support their social marketing efforts.

We’re extremely excited to be expanding the business so soon, both in terms of our client roster and our expansion into the US. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but definitely didn’t think it would be within the same year as launching.”

Clients can send Aura Ads their product while they plan, shoot and edit bespoke video ads, and deliver them within 25 days.

Aura Ads launched as an e-commerce focussed sub-brand within Visaura. However, both brand create ads designed to convert organically on social media

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