Independent Clothing Company in Newport Raises Money For Palestine

Vin-T Official, an independent clothing company based in Newport, are raising money for Palestine. We asked why they decided to do this, to which they responded:
“VIN-T isn’t just about making a statement to your wardrobe, it’s about making a difference in our community. Philanthropy is important to us as a business.  It’s as simple as, us playing our part to make a difference and bring about change – one t-shirt at a time.”
Co-owners of Vin-T Official, Shereen and Osman, have said the recent events in Palestine have left them shocked and they “needed to do something to help”.
“We have seen Palestinians suffer under occupation and genocide for decades and we wanted to do something.”
“We came up with the Palestine collection and 100% of the profits went to the Palestinians in Gaza for urgent medical assistance. Alongside the pandemic, many Palestinians are already vulnerable; medical aid has been cut off and restricted in the West Bank and Gaza and resources are very scarce.. “
The co-owners, both in their 20’s, have called on their skills in influencer marketing to get the word out.
“We worked with Instagram Influencer @prinoora who set up a fundraiser page initially, in trying to raise awareness for the cause. She consistently provides updates in regards to how much has been raised, and where the money has been distributed to, showing transparency and progress.”
“The support for our Palestine Campaign Collection has been great and it’s amazing to see people commit to making a difference.”
To find out more about the Palestine Campaign Collection, visit
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