Whether you’re working on a start-up, or have a well-established business off the ground, there are the very basics that need to be handled. Take a look at our list for the best online resources to handle all the basics so that you don’t have to.

  1. Facilities management

An organization can handle their maintenance program in one place with facilities management  software. Save time and money by managing your buildings, assets, and occupants with one software.

FS’s software promises to save money, increase efficiency, and take customer experience to the next level with their intuitive software. It will integrate, connect, and manage property, assets and people across your entire operation and allow you to address and overcome issues in real-time.

  1. Phone system

In an increasingly technological world, chances are your office will need an online phone system. Employees, clients, and consultants needn’t worry about travelling for a short conversation and instead simply need their laptops. These systems bring all your contacts into a single place, thus allowing you to avoid paying landline fees as you’ll be making all your calls over the internet.

Google Voice is a communication platform that includes messaging, video, and phone calls. One number can be used across various devices. These can be used to host video meetings or one-to-one calls. Google’s impressive AI will filter spam calls, automatically transcribe voicemails and is integrated with Google Calendar and Google Meet to keep everyone available to contact with the click of a button.

  1. Benefits

Employee benefits improve morale. This, in turn, boosts productivity, which will translate into a boost in profits, but there are a lot of spinning plates to it.

Did you know there’s an app designed to present and manage employee benefits? You can keep tabs on your employees’ rewards with a Zest app that can be controlled straight from your nearest device. You can improve your employee’s engagement with benefits and bonuses. Simple visuals and graphs will show benefits and eligibility, all personalised, to your employees while you manage, with an automated provider and payroll reporting, bonus selections.

  1. Organisation

Evernote is a note-takers best friend. It is an endless source of Post-It notes. It is all your random thoughts collected in one place. It is an invaluable app for anyone with a source of paperwork in front of them. Your notes will be captured and stored along with the files they correlate to.

Tools like reminders, due dates and flags ensure everything gets done on time. Sources like web pages are saved and relevant information marked. Files can be shared to your calendar so that you never walk into a meeting without the relevant information again.

  1. Project management

Asana is, by far, the best project management application on the market. Asana offers a lot of features that are all designed to boost productivity and track employee’s progress in their work.

To-do lists and reminders are available to make sure you and your staff hit those deadlines. Employees can be assigned tasks with you watching their progress in real-time. The platform can adapt to look after ongoing work or bigger projects managed by teams. You can share a chart with all the team members and watch it progress as the project does in the Timeline view. Move items around with it or view sub-tasks and set due dates.


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