Twenty, even ten years ago, most people were completely unaware of a new breed of property buyer that was just beginning to make an impact.

Back then, if you weren’t luck enough to sell to somebody you knew, the only option would be a visit to your local estate agent to see if they could find you a buyer.

Now there are many companies operating nationally buying property wherever they can, like Ask Susan.

One such firm is House Buy Fast, based in West Sussex but keen to make inroads here in Wales.

Jonathan Rolande, director explains “we have always bought property in Wales but we’re aiming to increase the amount purchased by around 50% over the next six months. We’ve seen a big surge in demand as people look to re-balance their lives and like the idea of having more space around them.”

We buy any house very quickly, as well as bungalows and flats, although these sometimes take a little longer as we have to wait for block management information. We aim to go from agreeing a sale to completion in around two to three weeks but will always fit in with a sellers requirements where we can.”

But sellers need to be aware of one possible downside;

“Because we are a trade-buyer, we can’t pay the full market value – instead we cover all fees and pay around 85%. Sellers save an estate agent’s fee too but should be aware that they could probably sell for more on the open market, but this isn’t guaranteed of course. I always suggest a seller does their homework first to make sure there aren’t other possible options.”

It seems and increasing number of sellers are choosing this route of ‘no-hassle’ sale.

“We currently agreeing to buy one to two properties every day and want to increase this number.” Says Jonathan.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, using a property buying company could be one of the safest options for selling your home right now. “With no viewings and involvement of the general public, it means likelihood of infection when selling your property is at an all-time low.” Says Jonathan.

House Buy Fast are one of the oldest property buying companies in the UK, founded in 2008 and have been growing ever since. They now have a team of 20+ employees with expert knowledge of all the local property markets in the UK.

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