The pros and cons of buying a property with a garden

When searching for a property or looking to move house, a garden is usually high on most peoples list of priorities. If you have children or pets, a garden is virtually essential. A garden is not only a wonderful family space but is also perfect for socialising or hosting.

A backyard kitted out with garden furniture and twinkling lights makes for a magical party spot throughout the summer months (check out these outdoor festoon light fittings for top quality outdoor lighting). But what are the realities of buying a house with an outdoor space? What kind of maintenance will it require, and will you make enough use of it to make it worth it?


  • Enhances the value of your property – having a garden or a backyard of any size, increases the value of your property and makes it much easier to sell when the time comes. You can raise the estimated value exponentially through landscaping or gardening. A beautiful outdoor space with bright flowers and a trim lawn knocks up the price of your home and allows you to ask for that little bit more when selling it.
  • Private space for playing outdoors – Children love to get outdoors and play out no matter the weather but as a parent, you do not always have the time to take them to the park. Not only does a garden save you the time and effort of travelling to public spaces, it adds the convenience of access to the kitchen and bathroom meaning you are never caught short when your kid is suddenly desperate for the toilet.
  • More quality time with the family – If you have a garden, you will use it. No more sitting in the house and playing video games or watching movies whilst the sun shines outside, get the whole family playing outdoor games and cook up dinner on the barbeque to be enjoying in the warm weather.
  • Plenty of space for pets – There is nothing more annoying than having to take your dog for a million walks a day so they can go to the toilet, a garden means you can just open the door and let them do their business whenever nature calls.
  • Social hub – Summer means barbeques and garden parties. Your house could be the social hub of your friendship group when you open up your garden for those summer social events.


  • Requires maintenance – Even low maintenance gardens still require some work. Your lawn needs to be mowed regularly, flowers need watering and weeding, paving stones need to be cleaned and outdoor furniture kept protected from the elements. It is an investment of both time and money.
  • Insects and pests – Bright flowers attract all kinds of insects and cause an overall increase in the number of bugs you get in and around your property so bear in mind that when you open a window to let some air in, you might also let in several bees and flies with it.


Image Credit: CottonBro, Pexels

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