Vaper’s Tongue – What Is It And How To Avoid It

“Vaper’s tongue” is a common issue that many people experience when they vape, and it can be pretty scary when it occurs for the first time. When you suddenly lose the ability to taste your favourite Riot Squad e-liquid, that can be a shock, and vaping might become rather unpleasant. But don’t worry – vaper’s tongue happens to many vapers, and it will pass.

Nevertheless, we completely understand your desire to speed up the recovery process or simply understand what’s going on with you. After all, tasting the flavour is just as an essential part of enjoying vaping, just as breathing in the vapour and getting that nicotine boost. Knowing why this condition appears will help you prevent it from occurring in the future and enjoy your vaping experience all year round. So read on and learn more about vaper’s tongue causes and ways of preventing it.

In the Beginning, There Was Flavour Fatigue

Do you know the feeling when halftime through the meal, you get bored of the taste and don’t want to get another bite? This happens because you have pushed your taste buds to the limits of tolerance for the same food. This is called flavour fatigue, and it can happen to everyone. One moment ago, you were eager to eat the whole plate of your favourite pasta, and a few minutes later, swallowing another bite becomes impossible.

The same thing happens when you vape a single flavour for too long. Since taste buds are rather sensitive, there’s a point when they get tired of the same taste, and as e-juices are very flavorful, that can happen often. Moreover, because many people usually vape the same flavour each time, and do it frequently, vaper’s tongue can definitely become an issue.

Your Nose Also Plays a Role

If you’ve ever tried eating while holding your nose, you might have noticed that food tastes blander. This is because the olfactory system (the nerve cell in the nose) also plays a significant role in the tasting process.

Just like it happens with flavour fatigue, your sensory receptors in the nose can also get tired of a certain smell. When you vape, your olfactory system stimulates the brain so that it can register the flavour. However, with time, your brain adapts to the stimulus, and so do your sensory receptors – which causes the aroma to fade over time, affecting the taste as well.

What Are Other Causes of Vaper’s Tongue?

Because smell is an essential part of your chemosensory system (the way you taste and smell things), when it’s lost, you can experience very bland taste sensations. So, for example, a blocked nose during the flu (or any other illness, such as COVID-19) can cause a vaper’s tongue – or even make you stop feeling the taste of food.

Damaged taste buds are another reason for this condition. Smoking, infections, alcohol, spicy foods, and even some medications can all damage your taste buds, and it will take them some time to regrow.

Dehydration can also cause the vaper’s tongue. Your body needs much water to function properly, and if it’s poorly hydrated, it might start shutting down. The way you taste and smell things depends on your hydration level – so if your mouth or nose feels dry, that might lead to a reduced sense of taste or smell.

And last but not least, smoking can be a reason for the vaper’s tongue, too. If you’ve recently given up cigarettes, or if you smoke and vape at the same time, your ability to taste may be limited. This is because tobacco affects your chemosensory system significantly – and can even leave it severely impaired. Fortunately, if you give it up for good, your sense of taste and smell can recover with time.

How to Deal with Vaper’s Tongue

The best way to handle vaper’s tongue is to prevent it from happening in the first place. First, don’t vape the same flavour for too long and switch up the flavours every now and then – this will help you save your taste buds from fatigue and also give them a chance to recover.

Second, always keep your body hydrated – drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol and spicy food, which dehydrate you. Also, try to avoid smoking tobacco or using nicotine products, as that can impair your ability to taste and smell.

And third, if vaper’s tongue has happened to you, stay calm. It will disappear in a matter of a few days to a few weeks. Cleansing your palate may help speed up the process – you can, for example, suck on a lemon or smell fresh coffee beans.

Final Thoughts

Vaper’s tongue – or the inability to taste your favourite e-liquid – can be a highly worrying and annoying issue for any vaper. However, if you know the reasons why it occurs and ways to prevent it, you should be able to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

And even if vaper’s tongue happens to you, remember that it’s not permanent and doesn’t mean that you should give up vaping. Many people all over the world experience flavour and smell fatigue regardless of whether they vape or not. So remember to give your taste buds something new from time to time – and everything will be good with them.


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