North Wales based lift equipment supplier shares maintenance tips

Arkel Lift Controller

Flint based PR Lift Equipment shares maintenance tips for lift controls

With our buildings reaching new heights, most of us would rather take an elevator instead of climbing a dozen flights of stairs. Lifts have significantly transformed transport within buildings, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial.

Given the significance of the elevator in our daily lives, it’s important to ensure that the lift in your building is always well-maintained. A poorly maintained lift can affect your brand image, turning away prospective customers and tarnishing your reputation.

PR Lift Equip, a leading supplier of lift controllers, fixtures and hydraulics across the UK, wants to help consumers make the most of their lift systems. The team has over 50 years of experience in supplying and supporting lift equipment. The company’s managing director, Andrew Phillipson, shared useful tips for making the most of your elevator.

Don’t leave your controller exposed

If you have a controller that’s unenclosed, leaving conductive parts exposed, it’s a safety hazard that demands immediate attention. Make sure that it is enclosed in a protective cabinet at the very least.

“A better alternative is to invest in a modern controller such as the Arkel Arcube, which is a compact monoblock unit containing all the systems in a neatly packed and enclosed case”, according to Mr. Phillipson.

Enable group control

It’s a good idea to ensure the elevators in your building are in group control. This is the most efficient way to operate your lifts. It not only helps minimise delays, but it also keeps the energy bill under control.

“When the elevators in the lobby aren’t grouped, it can result in chaos and delays. For example, let’s same someone presses all the elevator buttons. This will eventually delay other calls and even raise your electricity bills. This can be easily avoided with a microprocessor-based lift controller such as the Arkel Arcube Lift Controller”, said Mr. Phillipson.

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