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Pay by Mobile Invests in the UK Market

Back in the old days of casino games in Wales, there was only one way to pay for casino games, and that was to pay with cash! So much has changed since then, with most casino game fans choosing to play online on their computer or mobile device! However, it should be evident that these devices do not accept cash. 

Therefore, online casino websites have spent a year developing many ways to deposit cash for your mobile gaming experience! Whether it is through bank cards, direct transfers or eWallets, the range of choices is enormous. 

However, one of the more recent payment methods has caught out eye, which is pay by mobile gaming sites. What does this mean, and why is pay by mobile sites investing in the UK market? We are going to be answering this question and more, so read on to find out! 


What is pay by mobile? 

Pay by mobile is one of the newest ways to pay for playing online casino games. Essentially, this payment method allows you to bill your gaming deposits to your mobile bill, meaning that your deposits will be paid out along with any phone bills whenever your service provider bills you. 

These services are available on all sorts of sites and apply to just about any online casino game. Whether it’s slots, poker, blackjack or craps, pay by mobile is accepted just about everywhere these days! 

It’s a simple and effective payment method that offers a wide range of benefits to online casino gamers in the UK. What are these benefits exactly, and why is the UK casino game market investing heavily in these services? Let’s take a look!


Benefits of pay by mobile

We live in a world where everything is becoming increasingly convenient. A considerable portion of this convenience comes down to one thing – mobile phones. Whether you are ordering a takeaway with a 20 minute arrival time on your phone, paying for a parking ticket or playing the latest slot machine game from the comfort of your own home, mobile phones are seriously convenient. This is one of the main reasons why pay by mobile is so appealing to many! These services offer a ton of benefits, including:


How to pay by mobile

 Whilst mobile phones can often require a fair amount of technical know-how, pay by mobile services are very easy to use. It does require some basic technical setup, but once you have got that sorted, you will never have to worry about payment methods again! However, we understand that exploring a new payment method can be a little intimidating, and that is why we have prepared this simple step by step guide. Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to paying for casino games with your mobile bill by the time you finish reading this article! 

Done with these steps? You should be ready to go! Give the service a test run by opening your favourite online casino game and making a deposit. Your deposit should be automatically charged to your phone bill, and therefore you will not have to take any further action. Simply play your favourite games, and you will see your casino game outcome appear on your next phone bill. 



Overall, we hope that we have helped you understand the concept of a pay by mobile and why the UK online casino market is investing so heavily into it! Ultimately, online casinos aim to offer the most convenient, accessible, and stress-free experience. 

A service such as pay by mobile payment methods does precisely this. It allows you to connect an existing outcome in your life (your phone bill) to another product (your online casino deposits), combining everything into one easy to understand bill. If you are still reading this with a confused expression on your face, do not worry. We recommend that you give that computer-wiz friend of yours a call and ask for a bit of help. We guarantee that they will make it look easy!


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