Paying for a Pee Got Easier: Rhyl and Llangollen Loos Now Accept Contactless Payments

Denbighshire County Council has recently upgraded its Public Convenience payment systems to now include the ability to pay contactless.

The move provides users the option to pay by Debit or Credit Card when visiting facilities at Llangollen and Rhyl. Users can also still use cash at these facilities.

Contactless payment facilities have been installed at Llangollen, Rhyl Town Hall, Rhyl Events Arena and Rhyl Children Village Public Conveniences.

When contactless payment is made, a fee of 30 pence is automatically and instantly deducted from the users account.

Tony Ward, Head of Highways, Facilities and Environmental Services, said: “With advances in technology and fewer people carrying cash on them, especially during the current pandemic, we have brought the systems into these facilities in Llangollen and Rhyl to better support users.

“The installation of the contactless payment system allows users with insufficient cash and alternative method of payment, whilst simultaneously reducing the need for them to carry or handle cash and/or seek change from the attendant.

“The uptake and use of the contactless payment system we have put in place by users was instantaneous with approximately 15% of payments now being made by way of contactless payment.”


Image Credit: Rhyl Town Hall (above) by Paul the Archivist – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,