Denbighshire County Council is seeking the public’s views on its new revised table of fares for the taxis that it licences.

The council is responsible for setting the fares for taxis licensed in Denbighshire under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 and wants to ensure that it strikes a balance between enabling taxi firms to earn an income and ensure that the public are not being charged more than they can afford.

A draft table of fares was approved by the licensing committee on Wednesday, 13th September 2023, which comprises, in summary, an increase of 5% across all tariffs. The council is now holding a consultation to find out what the public thinks about these proposed fares.

The consultation can be accessed via the council’s County Conversation portal and is open until the 16th October 2023.

Cllr Win Mullen-James, Lead Member for Local Development and Planning, said: “We highly encourage as many people as possible to take part in the council’s consultation on the proposed new taxi fares in Denbighshire to ensure that any decisions we make represent the views of all our stakeholders.

“The council understands that we are currently living in difficult times financially in this country which makes it even more important for us to consult not only the taxi firms, but the general public as well, to help ensure that any changes we introduce are fair for both sides.”


To take part in the consultation, please visit Denbighshire County Council’s County Conversation portal: