Denbighshire County Council is advising residents to make sure they safely dispose of household batteries this festive season.

The advice comes following a fire in a skip at Ruthin recycling centre caused by batteries being put into residual waste.

The incident was dealt with by North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and no one was injured.

Despite this The Council is calling on residents to be vigilant when deciding to dispose of run down batteries over the Christmas period.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “The incident at Ruthin is a prime example of how incorrectly disposing of batteries can cause serious problems and it was lucky that this fire was contained.

“There will be many battery powered toys and gifts given during Christmas and we just want to advise people to make sure they can dispose of their spent batteries in the safest way.”

Batteries can’t be recycled in the blue mixed recycling bin or clear recycling sacks. If you need to have batteries try to use rechargeable ones where possible.

Batteries of any type must not be placed in any waste containers due to fire risk in resident’s bins, Council waste collection vehicles or at the waste treatment facility.

Batteries are harmful to the environment and must be recycled by specialist companies.

All large electrical retailers and supermarkets are obliged by law to provide free recycling facilities allowing residents to dispose of them safely while visiting these outlets.