One of the problems of retail is shoplifting, and according to statistics, there were over 382,000 shoplifting incidents in 2018, and it keeps increasing daily. Most of these incidents happen during shopping days. Shop owners are busy attending to several trustworthy customers. This article will guide you on retail security systems to prevent break-ins and thefts if you own a retail store.


Installing a CCTV camera can help you prevent retail losses. A security camera system will help prevent theft and its negative financial effect on the business. If people who want to shoplift spot a CCTV camera, they will be discouraged to proceed with the act. If you see teenagers loitering in your shop, you can disperse them using the mosquito teenager deterrent alarm from places like Compound Security.


Another security system that for retail purposes is the IPCCTV. And unlike the analogue closed-circuit television (CCTV), the Internet Protocol CCTV can send and receive messages via a computer and the internet. With the IPCCTV, there is constant surveillance of the shop, even when no one is present. It means that the shop can be monitored even when the owner is far away.

Security Guards

Retail security guards have an important role in loss prevention, and they can also act as a rapid response solution to criminal activities within the shop premises. There are three types of security guard – Manned/Static, Mobile Officer and Store Detective. Retail security guards are chosen base on the shop requirement. Additionally, retails security guard will be properly trained in crowd control, physical intervention, basic maintenance, and many more.

Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is another way to prevent thefts and break-ins in retail stores. It uses tags to alert the shop owner if an item is removed before been purchased. Tags should be placed in discrete locations, and it’s recommended that multiple tags should be used. In case you can’t afford to purchase a fully working EAS, you can get recycled tags to use as discouragement.

Electro-Magnetic System

Another way to prevent thefts or break-ins is by using Electro-Magnetic System. This makes use of tags made up of metal with a low magnetic value. The system is easy to use and pocket friendly. It can also be used in a library and can be deactivated or reactivated when items are borrowed or returned. Because of its low cost, it can be used on goods in retail shops.

RF Tags and Intruder Alarm System

The use of Radio Frequency tags is another way to prevent shoplifting. This type of security system usually has a receiver and transmitter at the doorway. The RF tags can be attached to an item. So, if an item is picked without been properly purchased, the transmitter at the doorway picks the signal in the label and relay the message to the receiver, which later sounds the alarm.

The Intruder Alarm System is also another way to prevent retail shop losses. Majority of these security systems usually have a sensor that will be activated when someone is staying close to them by sensing their body heat or movement. Once the alarm sounds, the local police can be informed of possible theft or break-in, which will send in their personnel to come and attend to situations.

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